The 5 Best At-Home Workout Streaming Options for Busy Brides-To-Be

Who said you actually need to go to the gym to work out? For many brides-to-be, the moment you say Yes to your partner is the same moment you start feeling the pressure of wedding planning – which includes staying fit and staying sane.

Well, fortunately for you, the solution to stress and approaching deadlines is physical activity. The best thing about it is you can do it at home. All you need to do is find a streaming workout you like, and voila! Check out some options below.

The 5 Best At-Home Workout Streaming Options for Busy Brides-To-Be

1. Sky Ting Yoga TV

There’s nothing quite like cooling your nerves with guided meditation and yoga. So, head over to Sky Ting Yoga TV for some 30-minute-and-less classes to help you quell your wedding planning anxieties.

2. Sculpt Society

Fellow bride-to-be Megan Roup created the perfect workout you can do at home, on the balcony, anywhere really. Her website and app offer a vast collection of easy dance cardio routines with sculpting exercises to get and/or keep your toned shape.

3. Tracy Anderson – The Workout Queen

The 5 Best At-Home Workout Streaming Options for Busy Brides-To-Be

Known for her work with A-list celebrities like Gisele Bündchen, Jennifer Lopez, and Olivia Wilde, Tracy Anderson is surely someone you would want to learn from. This streaming service helps you enjoy the perks of almost being in Tracy’s own studio and working out next to her.

4. Ballet Beautiful

Yes, Mary Helen Bowers works with high-profile actresses and models, but that doesn’t mean she can’t teach you something as well. Her ballet-infused workout isn’t as difficult as you may think at first. She offers custom programs with easy-to-follow workouts to help you achieve your goals.

5. Pilatesology

The 5 Best At-Home Workout Streaming Options for Busy Brides-To-Be

Are you a pilates fan? You’re in luck. This streaming service has more than 350 pilates workouts suitable for any skill level. There is a video to help you focus on a particular part of your body, be it your tummy, arms, legs, or other smaller areas.

Cult Black Beauty Brand Fashion Fair Is Set To Re-launch at Sephora

Fashion Fair is a luxury brand created solely for all Black women around the world. This brand is one of a kind because you will not find many such brands in the market. Now, this prestige beauty brand is going to re-launch, after being out of operations for some years. How exciting is that! The brand will sell again from this September with a retail partnership with Sephora, under the majority ownership of Desirée Rogers and Cheryl Mayberry McKissack. Who has not heard of them! Let’s learn a little more about the history of this brand. Read on.

Legacy of the Brand

First introduced in the 1970s, Fashion Fair was a premium beauty product brand catering precisely to the Black women demographic. Their channel of departmental stores in the United States had garnered much popularity by their re-imagination of Black beauty, which gradually was spread across the globe. This seems understandable considering a brand meant only for Black women was launched in a time like the ‘70s. So, it may come as no surprise that the brand still retains a major cult following. But due to some unavoidable circumstances, it had stopped operations in recent years. However, it seems like they are now back in the game.

The Classic Comeback

Fashion Fair is all set for a classic comeback this fall, with its Sephora re-launch scheduled for September 1. The label is being revived under the ownership of the ex-executive duo of Johnson Publishing Cheryl Mayberry McKissack and Desirée Rogers. Johnson Publishing originally owned the brand. Rogers and McKissack also own another label ‘Black Opal’ together, which just launched ‘Ulta Beauty’. Now, the duo is bringing back the cult cosmetic brand Fashion Fair with new packaging and formulas for those with darker skin tones. However, its original focal theme of modern and innovative makeup is still intact.