The Trend of Female Face Shaving Is Becoming More Widespread

The Trend of Female Face Shaving Is Becoming More WidespreadFull-face shaving is no longer just for men. What’s more, there have been many historical records of women removing all of their facial hair, including Queen Elizabeth the First who even shaved off her eyebrows. Dermaplaning, however, isn’t that extreme – it’s a simple procedure of removing the fine, wispy baby hairs for a fresher and smoother look!

How Dermaplaning Gained Popularity

How Dermaplaning Gained PopularityIt’s important not to underestimate the power and influence of social media, especially in this day and age. Many influencers, such as Jaclyn Hill and Jackie Aina, have started posting tutorial videos about how to do this simple procedure safely at home. Some of the influencers involved are claiming that their ultimate goals are to normalize the fact that some women have hairier faces, as well as normalizing female face shaving.

Is Full-Face Shaving for Women Safe?

Dermaplaning toolsDermatologists have spoken out about the topic of dermaplaning as a completely safe procedure that could have a few benefits to offer. Along with removing the thin baby hairs, the process also removes some dead skin cells, dirt that has been stuck in the pores, and excess oil from the skin. In fact, many beauticians and beauty salons currently offer this procedure as one of their treatments. Specialists do warn, however, that the procedure isn’t advised for people who suffer from skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, or those with acne or facial moles.

Dermaplaning Can Be Done at Home

Dermaplaning Can Be Done at Home Although full-face shaving or dermaplaning is usually available in many spas, dermatology offices, and even beauty salons, the process can also be done at home. The procedure is done using gentle oil or cream and a dull, specialized dermaplaning tool akin to a scalpel that can be bought in Sephora and other beauty supply stores. Dermatologists and influencers say that, after exfoliating the skin in this manner, it’s likely that it will be smoother and able to absorb products more effectively.

Pnina Tornai Launches a New Fashion Jewelry Line with Jared

The ‘queen of bling’ Pnina Tornai has pulled yet another glamour card out of her sleeve. Creating a niche of signature beadwork embellished gorgeous couture bridal-wears throughout TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress for long 19 seasons, this fan-favorite fashion designer is now coming up with something to wear on every day, in a Pnina Tornai style! In the partnership with famous Jewelry retailer Jared, Tornai has currently launched a stunning new fashion jewelry collection. Let’s find out more about what this collection entails.

The Details From the Designer

Unlike her aisle-perfect gowns, this new jewelry line fits for any and every occasion, magically complementing mundane styles. Along with being perfect to accompany any outfit, the jewelry pieces are also elegant enough to set you apart on any special day. As her brides are always very close to her heart, Tornai made it sure to include sets and pieces perfect as a finishing touch for a wedding day ensemble, and also can be worn thereafter. The designer hopes that these forever pieces would become precious heirlooms passed down for generations. Now, isn’t that wonderful!

The Pieces From the Heart

Pnina Tornai revealed that this accessory line is very special to her because there is significant meaning and emotional value attached to every piece. These pieces of the collection bear a special place closer to her heart, reminiscent of special celebrations and precious memories. According to the designer, the diamond wing necklace is a tribute to her best friend, who has always been her ‘wing-woman.’ The inspiration behind the ornate rose ring is her mother’s bloomed garden. This exquisite collection also includes other dainty diamond pieces, like 10K and 14K earrings, fashion-forward statement rings and necklaces, sleek black diamond-encrusted items, and simple but stunning tennis bracelets. The jewelry line is now available both at and in the stores.