Top 5 Clip-in Hair Extensions for the Perfect Bridal Look

You may be happy with your natural hair length and thickness every day of the year, but it’s okay to want something special for your wedding day. No matter if you prefer to have your hair down or carefully tucked in a gorgeous chignon, hair extensions can help add volume and texture to every hairstyle. Here are five must-consider clip-in options!

1. Luxy Hair Clip-In Ponytail Extensions

Luxy Hair Clip-In Ponytail ExtensionsIf you’re thinking of sporting a sleek and polished ponytail for your big day, these extensions won’t disappoint. Using them will help you glam up an otherwise basic hairstyle, and you can add jewelry or floral elements to make use of the extra volume. They are also great for ballerina buns and classic chignons. These come in 20-inch lengths, and you can choose between 33 available shades.

2. Winsky Clip In Hair Extensions

Winsky Clip In Hair ExtensionsThese extensions are perfect for people on a budget as well as for women who want to take clip-ins for a test run. Made from 100% Remy hair and at $31, you can’t go wrong with these. The only downside is that they only come in six colors.

3. Glam Seamless Clip-In Extensions

Glam Seamless Clip-In ExtensionsWhen you’re looking for variety, you’ll definitely get it with these hair extensions. They come with six available lengths in 61 different colors. If you really want to take things up a notch on your wedding day, you can also try their clip-in bangs. Jennifer Lopez herself has tried (and rocked) them!

4. BeautyWorks Clip-Ins

BeautyWorks Clip-InsGo with the deluxe clip-ins for a more natural look, or get the double hair set weft for a more dramatic and voluminous hairstyle. Boho-inspired brides will be happy to know that they can order these hair extensions pre-styled, like the famous beach wave, for example.

5. The Hair Shop Skinny Clip-Ins

The Hair Shop Skinny Clip-InsOne of the best features of these extensions is that the track (the upper part that you clip in) is really thin, which makes it impossible for others to notice. Choose between 15 shades and three different lengths to create your perfect bridal hairstyle.