The Ultimate Beauty Timeline for Your Wedding

Looking beautiful during her wedding is every bride’s dream. However, with a hundred other things to plan, beauty treatments usually get pushed to the very last minute. Here is the ultimate wedding beauty timeline as recommended by doctors for you to follow before your big day. And yes, it starts from as early as a year because you can never have enough time to pretty up!

12 Months Before

A year before the wedding, dive into treatments that take a long time to show results. Invisalign is something that you should consider getting done a year in advance as the treatment takes at least six months to show results, giving you plenty of a just-in-case window. If you’re having any skin, nail, or hair issues, consider going to the dermatologist as the more time you have, the better your treatments can be. Lastly, if you’re a regular shaver, shift to waxing at least a year in advance so that your body gets used to it and your skin achieves long-lasting smoothness in time.

6 Months Before

When you only have six months left for the wedding, concentrate on getting your skin ready and prepared for the big day. Start with facials that you want to get done, like an oxygen facial or an LED facial. This time window will allow your skin to reap the benefits of those treatments before the big day. Another recommendation is to start incorporating retinol in your skin-care routine to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by the time the big day approaches.

4 Months Ahead

This is the time to go for any injectables you want to look into as four months is plenty of time for any filler and Botox to settle into your skin. The timeline allows for the treatment to take effect and for the swelling to go down. It also gives you enough time to research before you make a big decision.

3 Months Before

With just three months, the timeline calls for some physically altering procedures like teeth whitening and chemical peels. Since you’ll be smiling in thousands of photos, it is important that your teeth shine bright. It is also the right time to experiment with chemical peels as they can help with acne and fine lines.