One Couple Turned A Christening Into A Surprise Wedding

There are certain days of your life that you remember for the rest of your existence, and events such as your engagement, your child’s christening, or your wedding day are just some of them. Most people tend to spend these days surrounded by their friends and family, although they often take place on separate days across various different years. However, one couple decided to group two of these events together when they turned their daughter’s christening into a surprise wedding.

One Couple Turned A Christening Into A Surprise Wedding

Organizing The Event

Hannah Clayton and Darren Harding-Evans live in Wrexham, North Wales, and have been together for eight years. During that time, they have welcomed two children into the world – including nine-month-old Bryony. In August 2018, the couple made their way to their local church to have their daughter christened and to showcase her godparents to the world. However, what most people didn’t realize was that they had a surprise up their sleeve…

The Right Time

After getting engaged in 2014, Hannah and Darren had spent the past few years waiting for the perfect time for them to get hitched. However, with children to look after, their big day seemed to be put on the back burner. In the end, they just decided to put two and two together for a low-key ceremony on the same day as their daughter’s christening. After all, they were already in the church!

One Couple Turned A Christening Into A Surprise Wedding

Unsuspecting Guests

What makes their story incredibly is the fact that very few people knew what was happening on their surprise big day. After Bryony had been christened, the couple sneaked out to the back of the church to get changed into their dress and suit and then shocked the unsuspecting guests with their vows. Apparently, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house!

What a day to remember!