Everything Couples Need to Know About Their Wedding Venue

There’s a lot more to the perfect wedding venue than just the aesthetics (though good looks are a huge bonus). All sorts of important details must be attended to by the married-to-be couples before they sign on the dotted line.

Here’s more on the matter:

Guest Count

Everything Couples Need to Know About Their Wedding Venue

For those who are planning to have a small wedding, they have to make sure the wedding venue they have chosen allows for a small guest count, so they don’t end up paying extra for non-existent guests. On the flip side, couples planning to have a giant wedding, need to make sure their dream venue can hold all their friends and family. Many venues have a 20% admin fee and a small percentage of state tax. This is good to remember.

What’s Included?

This question is best to ask before the pricey deposit is paid. Thus, couples will know if they’ll have to spend extra on making sure their guests have cutlery and a place to sit.


Ask the venue about vendors such as caterers, DJs/bands, photographers, and tent rentals. Some venues will require couples to use their specific vendors, and others will be open to accommodate the choice of the wedding couple.

Food & Drink

Everything Couples Need to Know About Their Wedding Venue

Find out what the venue does for food — do they offer passed hors d’oeuvres, a plated meal, a buffet, or a combination? Does the venue offer customizable bar packages, or are they set in stone? Do they do a cash bar, open bar, or consumption bar? Do they make cakes in-house or not?


Couples need to ask their venue if they have on-site lodging either for the wedding party or the entire guest list, and if they don’t, they need to ask for their recommended hotels and bed and breakfasts. This is also the time to ask for any accessibility issues like the number of stairs, steep hills, or difficult acoustics. It’s good to keep the guests informed.


Many older wedding venues don’t have a lot of parking, so it is important to ask the venue if their parking space can handle all the guests and vendors or if there will be a need to provide a shuttle bus to the ceremony and party. Some wedding venues may require couples to hire a shuttle if they have a large guest count.


Everything Couples Need to Know About Their Wedding Venue

This is an important question, especially for those who are having any type of outdoor celebration. Couples need to let their guests know if they need to wear terrain-appropriate shoes for a beach or farm wedding or if they can whip out their stilettos for the hardwood floors of a hotel.

Sharing The Venue

Some venues cater for morning and evening weddings, some do one venue a day, and some only have one a weekend. Couples will want to ask if they will be sharing the venue so they can coordinate the timing with their vendors and guests.

Values And Ethics

It’s good to make sure the values and ethics of the couple align with the venue. If the wedding will be religious or culturally-specific, the venue needs to accommodate the couple’s needs.