Dedicated Best Friend Wears Her Bridesmaid Dress To Final Exam

Amberlee and her cousin Ellie weren’t just relatives – they had been best friends their entire lives. So it was only natural that Ellie had chosen Amberlee, 28, to be one of her bridesmaids. She couldn’t have been happier for her lifelong friend!

Dedicated Best Friend Wears Her Bridesmaid Dress To Final Exam

That was, until the date of the wedding was unveiled (pun intended).

Amberlee was still upset about missing her friend’s engagement party when the big news dropped, and she was really counting on being at the wedding to make up for it. But when it came to finals, there was just nothing she could do about it – her grades and her future couldn’t be compromised.

Of course, Ellie understood. But the date was set in stone. There was nothing that could be done to change the circumstances at this point, but both of them were upset – so Amberlee decided to take a chance on her teacher and let him know the situation, in hopes he would make the offer that would fix everything: taking the exam on a different day.

Well, not surprisingly, he didn’t bite the bait. Too many or too few days to prepare for the exam would totally throw off the fairness of his system – and the wedding was out of town, making it impossible to make it a one-day affair thanks to the 2,600 km distance.

“I found out in the shopping center while I was shopping. I was with my mother and sister. I started crying. And then my sister started crying. Everyone was crying,” Amerblee said.

So she came up with a plan.

“I was like, ‘I’m still wearing this bloody dress’,” Hatcher told BuzzFeed News. “So on the morning of the exam while I was trying to cram, I was also doing my makeup and hair myself. I went all out, and put the heels on as well.

And then…I wore the entire get up to the exam. As I walked in, everyone was like staring. They were like ‘what is she doing?’ So I told them.”

Dedicated Best Friend Wears Her Bridesmaid Dress To Final Exam

She even brought her bridesmaid’s glass to drink out of during the exam. “I remember pouring water into the glass, looking at my lecturer being like ‘Fuck you’,” Hatcher said.

Once the wedding was over, she even joined in through a video chat – and she cried as soon as she saw her beautiful best friend on the happiest day of her life. Thanks to FaceTime and another dedicated bridesmaid with the microphone, she was even able to give her bridesmaid speech right on cue.

Amberlee spent the rest of the night in her bridesmaid dress – on her couch, with her friends, celebrating Ellie the best way she could. And Ellie would never ever have to doubt the commitment of her best friend again in her life.