How To Throw The Bride A Boozy But Hangover-Free Bachelorette

It is usually tradition to celebrate your bride’s last single night out in style and this tends to involve lots and lots of drinking. Whether you need to know how to save the cash, treat the hangover, or just how to have the best time, we have all the tips for you.

Saving The Cash

Ask the bachelor (the bride’s partner) to have a bottle delivered. While dining out with your friends, there would be no better gift for your bachelorette then to let her know her darling husband-to-be has bought this expensive bottle of wine or champagne. If the groom is willing he could also buy a round of drinks when you hit the town.

On the other hand, you can attempt fluttering the eyelids at the barman or owner of the venue and ask for a special signature drink for the bride. With a please and thank you, and possibly a bad review threat, they won’t be able to refuse.

Avoiding A Messy Bride

Make sure to keep wine wipes in your handbag. What are wine wipes I hear you ask? Not only are they designed to remove those awful red wine stains on your teeth, these babies will also erase evidence of any artificial colors you get from drinking those sweet insanely exotic cocktails and fluorescent jelly shots.

Also, keep a makeup-remover stick in your bag. When the bride’s mascara runs after a few hours sweating it out on the dance floor, prove you’re the best bridesmaid ever and act like a makeup artist on tap with a quick touchup using the magic stick that removes errant makeup. You don’t even need a big bag, it fits into a clutch.

Treating The Hangover

Don’t go back to the hotel or house without making a quick stop off. The Pizza Compass app lets you locate the nearest pizza place by pointing you (via pizza slice) in the right direction. A great hangover cure is to pile up on a saucy, cheesy, and carby pizza before bed.

Add a Pedialyte to a glass of water before bed and get your bride to chug it! Don’t forget to repeat the process first thing in the morning. These are the best ways to guarantee everyone wakes up feeling refreshed, and will help take the edge off the non-avoidable symptoms of dehydration, like a headache and nausea.