Ideas For Memorable Food Bars To Feature At Your Wedding

While weddings are far from a celebration solely about food, it often becomes one of the most memorable aspects of an event for guests, when done right. One of the newest ways to make your wedding stand out from the crowd is with a food bar.

Having a creative stand or multiple food bars dedicated to specific dishes is a great way to personalize your event, while also making it more memorable for your guests. Here are a few ideas for different food bars you can incorporate into your own wedding.

Cupcake Bar

Many couples are choosing to forgo the traditional extravagance of a tiered cake in favor of a whimsical cupcake bar. With hand held cupcakes, you can choose a greater variety of flavors and decorations to compliment your wedding reception.

Pretzel Bar

There’s something about a pretzel bar that invokes childhood nostalgia. Even at an elegant affair, fresh baked pretzels bring an element of comfort to you and your guests.

Croissant Bar

Forget the bread basket. Croissants are an indulgent treat that your guests will certainly remember for years to come. As excellent as fresh baked bread is, a buttery croissant takes the concept one step further, as you peel apart the rich layers, soaked with buttery goodness.

Cheese Bar

Everyone loves a cheese bar. If you choose to go this route, you have a myriad of options at your fingertips. You can feature one style of cheese produced in different locations, or the local cheese from one of your favorite destinations.

Macaron Bar

The macaron craze has yet to die down, which makes them a perfect choice for a stand out dessert at a wedding reception. Macarons are the perfect way to showcase your wedding colors, as well as some of your favorite flavors, whether it be lavender, rose, or pear.