Alternative and Stunning Dress Styles for the Modern Bride

In recent years, modern brides have been slowly veering away from the traditional wedding and the fairytale princess dress. Especially now, during 2020, when weddings and all types of gatherings have had to be scaled back, brides are looking for less ostentatious and more practical solutions. These alternative styles are still stunning and special but can also be used again after the wedding.

Picture from the alternative Story of My Dress wedding boutique
Alternative Silhouettes

Brides today want that pizzazz and a dress that’s fully befitting their personality and individual tastes. This creates a lot of freedom of choice that’s not bound to the traditional silhouettes. As a result, choosing a wedding dress becomes a fun shopping experience rather than a pressure-filled and overwhelming process.

A pants suit as an alternative to a wedding dressMany designers have seen the same forming need and started creating stunning pieces that combine elegance, glamour, and laid-back fun. This lowers the risk of brides investing in an expensive dress that might not be quite them simply to honor tradition. Of course, the luxurious tulle and taffeta gowns are a thing of the past, but there are simply more fun and fresh designs available that could easily fit in a town hall or beach venue with the same ease.

The Option to Personalize the Dress

A number of contemporary designers are embracing the romance over tradition movement that young brides want. Lines have been released that showcase couture pieces that are more art-focused and break the mold. Continuing to use luxurious satin, chiffon, tulle, and lace, designers are shaking off the “princess vibe” by crafting a-line kaftans, two-piece bridal suits, short and fun dresses for the bride that loves to dance, and much more.

Alternative wedding dressIn most cases, a designer is willing to work directly with the bride to help personalize the piece further by adding eye-catching details, changing the color of the fabric, and other customization options. As a result, modern brides can acquire alternative pieces that feel more like an extension of themselves rather than conforming to what they think they should be wearing for such an occasion.