Where to Buy Wedding Dresses Online – and Where Not to Buy Them!

If you’re gearing up for your big day, there’s probably one piece of the wedding puzzle that you can’t wait to piece together – the dress. Your wedding dress is one of the most important pieces of clothing that you’re ever going to wear, and there’s no doubt about the fact that most brides want it to be perfect. Did you know that you can buy amazing wedding dresses online?


If you’re looking for a bespoke wedding dress, why not head to an independent seller? Etsy is full of designers who are either selling their ready-made designs or ones that are bespoke to your own specifications. This means that you can buy a gown that only you will ever wear. How cool is that?

TJ Maxx

Let’s be honest; TJ Maxx sells everything. Yes, they even sell wedding dresses. Their online store offers countless wedding gowns, and they are normally designer gowns that would have cost thousands of dollars previously. You really could walk down the aisle in a Jenny Yoo gown…

Rent The Runway

If you’re not familiar with Rent the Runway, it’s important to note that you won’t be able to keep this wedding dress. The whole idea is that you rent a gown for your wedding day, which means that you could score a designer gown for a steal of a price. You have to give it back, but it’s just going to sit in the closet anyway, right?


ASOS is known for being one of the biggest online retailers that the world has to offer, and while they sell on-trend, everyday items of clothing, they also have a dedicated bridal shop. These gowns are absolutely stunning and fashionable, and there are so many different styles to choose from.

In reality, you can buy wedding dresses online from a variety of different places. Just always make sure to check the reviews and don’t buy from overseas sellers who may not be legit.