What Different Colored Gemstones Mean In Engagement Rings

If you want to go for something a little less traditional for your engagement ring, then perhaps you’ve had your eyes on different colored gemstones. They’re definitely the perfect way to make a statement, but do you know what they mean?

Blue Sapphire

These stunning blue gems are a firm favorite with royalty, with both Princess Diana and Kate Middleton opting for a blue sapphire. It’s believed that this stone is the key to honesty and loyalty, so you will always tell each other the truth in the relationship.


You’re bound to turn some heads with this green gemstone on your finger, but it’s more than just a statement piece on your finger. Emeralds are believed to symbolize a happy and successful marriage, making them the perfect gem for an engagement ring. It also symbolizes the 55th wedding anniversary!


It’s one of the most expensive gemstones in the world, and is actually a red sapphire! If you’re lucky enough to bag yourself a ruby engagement ring, then expect things to be passionate and loving – as that what this gemstone means!

Yellow Diamonds

White diamonds are thought to signify pure love, which is why they’re the most popular engagement ring gemstone. However, if your partner opts for a yellow diamond then it means something slightly different… Yellow diamonds are believed to symbolize that you’ll always be best friends and playmates, as well as being lovers.

Pink Diamonds

It’s one of the rarest diamonds of them all, but it does have a special meaning behind it. If your engagement ring includes a pink diamond, then expect your marriage to be full of surprises, love, and creativity.

Blue Topaz

The sparkly blue topaz is one of the most beautiful gemstones out there, that also holds a special meaning. It’s believed to symbolize staying true to yourself, but also eternal love. Wear this for a bond that never breaks!

So, which of these gemstones do you want in your engagement ring?