Should You Have A Veil For Your Wedding Day? Pros And Cons

Have you been wondering if you should have a veil for your wedding day? There are many pros and cons that come with the extra addition, and it’s best to know all the facts before you end up making a decision that you later regret.

Complete The Look

Some brides can’t imagine completing their look without a veil. Plus, it’s the only time most of us ever get to wear one. It might be a shame to miss out.

Another Expense

Although veils can look beautiful, luxurious options could end up costing us hundreds of dollars that we don’t need to spend. Thankfully, the outfit can still look just as perfect without the addition.

Beautiful bride holding flower bouquet view from back, lens flare

Use An Heirloom

Many people love to have ‘something old’ on their big day. The best bit? Passing a veil down through the generations can be the ideal way to add some family history to your look.

Creating A Problem

Sure, veils usually sound like a good idea, but they could become another problem we don’t need. All it takes is a gust of wind or a hug for them to get in the way.

Should You Have A Veil For Your Wedding Day? Pros And Cons

Keep Things Traditional

Some of us want to stick to traditions for our day. Veils have been used for hundreds of years, and you might find that your family want you to keep up traditions.

Break Traditions

On the other hand, why do we have to follow traditions on our big day? Just because others have worn a veil, doesn’t mean that we need to follow in their footsteps, does it?

The question of whether or not you should wear a veil can be one that leaves many brides scratching their heads. Hopefully, after weighing up the pros and cons, it won’t be long before you can make an informed decision for your look.