Groom Not Excited About the Wedding? Here’s What to Do

Do you feel as though your groom is not excited about the wedding? It doesn’t necessarily mean that he has cold feet or he’s not interested. There could be plenty of reasons that he’s a little less enthusiastic. Here’s what to do to help your husband-to-be.

Give Him More Control

Letting your groom have more control can help him become a little more excited about the wedding as he gets to organize an entire aspect on his own. It could be choosing the photographer, finding the perfect menu, or even picking out your wedding car for the day.

Ask Him To Manage Money

There are many aspects to planning a wedding, with sticking to the budget being a major one to consider. Letting your future husband control this can take the stress off you and make him feel as though he’s playing more of a part in the planning.

Use His Strengths

If you know that your groom is great at negotiating, then why not ask him to use those strengths? If he has an excellent eye for detail, then why not get him to pick the table decorations? There are plenty of ways that both of you can use your strengths to your advantage when planning a wedding.

Make Tasks A Treat

Planning a wedding isn’t always the most exciting task. Your groom might be a little more enthusiastic if he gets some fun tasks. Eating a host of different cakes all morning? Trying mixed drinks at lunchtime? Putting together the perfect playlist at dinner? They’re all pretty fun roles that could help get him in the mood for the big day.

If you find your groom is not excited about the wedding, don’t fear. You might just need to find some new ways to get him involved with the planning to liven things up.