These Are The Real Thoughts Going Through Your Groom’s Mind…

Your husband-to-be to be may be your best friend. You might think you know him better than anyone else in this world.

You might even think that he has shared with you every single thought going through his mind in terms of your upcoming nuptials. However, believe it or not, there are still some lingering thoughts that he has not shared with you.

Here are some things running through his mind that he may be too nervous to share with you:

Will She Actually Take My Voice Into Consideration?

While you’re busy planning, tasting, trying on, arranging, and organizing, you may have completely neglected what your future husband would like to see at your wedding.

While it is true that most women have been planning this day for many years, it is important to remember the he too would like some input. So take a step back and ask yourself: “Is this my vision, or our vision?”

No Surprises On The Wedding Day, Please

While contouring is all the rage in today’s makeup trends, we are willing to bet that your fiance prefers your natural look. After all, he fell in love with you, not the contoured, Kardashian-inspired version of your face. So remember, sometimes less is more, and the natural look is always in.


Please, Don’t Trip

This one applies to both of you! While he certainly does not want you to embarrass yourself while trodding in that long lace train, he is also probably pretty nervous about tripping up in front of not just his entire family, but yours too. Just remember to take a deep breath and look forward, both of you!

The Speech Of The Night: The Best Man’s

While his best man most likely knows him almost as well as you do, that may not bode well for your beau. The best man may choose to thoroughly embarrass your future husband in front of, again, not just his family but yours as well.

Try to keep all of these in mind in order to make sure your man doesn’t feel neglected, and best of luck in your future together!