Which Wedding Colors Are Going To Be Big In 2019?

Ah, wedding season – the months that are soon to be upon us as we prepare to watch all a whole new generation of couples say “I do.” So what if you’re heading down the aisle and want to stay on trend? Thankfully, there are a host of wedding colors to choose from that all look set to be big in 2019.

Which Wedding Colors Are Going To Be Big In 2019?


Purple has long been a popular choice, but it seems as though it’s about to get used even more in 2019. The best bit? Purple color schemes often work better with a variety of shades meaning there are plenty of options to choose.

Champagne Gold

Move over rose gold; it’s time for champagne gold to take center stage. The color has a lot less brassiness than traditional gold but still shines enough to bring your big day to life. Plus, it’s simple to pair with almost any other color.

Which Wedding Colors Are Going To Be Big In 2019?

Dusty Rose

Thankfully, dusty pink is here to take over where rose gold left off. This color variant adds a touch of class and sophistication without taking any attention away from the couple. It’s perfect for anyone wanting a little blush in their day.

Dusty Orange

Dusty orange is one of the best color schemes for anyone wanting to tie the knot in the fall. Not only does it fit with the theme, but the color also brings warmth to the colder days as you prepare to start the rest of your life.

Which Wedding Colors Are Going To Be Big In 2019?

Dusty Blue

What is it with all these dusty colors? Dusty blue is brilliant for winter ceremonies or for adding some cool to a summer occasion. It can complement other shades of blue or be left to shine all on its own.

Sunshine Yellow

Yes – weddings are your time to shine, so why not add a splash of color to your day? Not only is it fresh, but this bright yellow helps to make a bold statement at any wedding with a few simple additions.

Sometimes, it can be tough to choose just one color scheme. So why not take a look at the wedding colors that are going to be big in 2019? Being on trend and celebrating your love certainly do go hand in hand.