5 Fashionable Frocks Inspired by Bridgerton for Anyone’s Wardrobe

Shonda Rhimes has done it again, and her latest hit series was released on Christmas Day 2020. The new period drama is called Bridgerton, and it’s based on the classic hit, Gossip Girl, but with a more Regency-era. If you’re a fan of the show, chances are that you’re also interested in the frocks that the females wear, which are now making a comeback in fashion.

Bridgerton actresses outside Bridgerton Makes Frocks Fashionable Again

The frocks that are worn in Bridgerton oftentimes have cinched bodices along with puffed sleeves. Many of them also have embellishments and soft color tones. Ellen Mirojnick was the face behind the costume direction, and her vision was a celebration of an ultra-feminine fashion in an old-school era. This includes bows, bells, lace, and more.

Many people might feel inspired by the costumes in Bridgerton, and they’re in luck. These frocks and dresses are coming back, and it might be time to add one or two to your wardrobe. Whether you’re interested in cosplaying or simply like the look, here are some dresses you may want to add to your wardrobe.

1. Needle & Thread Floral-Embroidered Woven Gown

Needle & Thread Floral-Embroidered Woven GownThe floral creations on this gown are immaculate. It also has layers of gauzy tulle, which goes perfectly with Needle & Thread Pre Spring ‘21 collection. The embroidery is all over the bodice, the skirt, and the sleeves, which are perfect for the iconic Bridgerton look. The hem has calf-skimming features, too.

2. ROTATE Birger Christensen Dawn Polka-Dot Satin Midi-Dress

ROTATE Birger Christensen Dawn Polka-Dot Satin Midi-DressFor those who are not so much into colors, this black polka dot dress is perfect to live out their Bridgerton fantasies. It has a high neck, puffy sleeves, and a cinched waist that is iconic for the series.

3. GANNI Shirred-Bodice Gingham-Seersucker Maxi Dress

GANNI Shirred-Bodice Gingham-Seersucker Maxi DressThis maxi dress is a bit more subtle but still goes along with the theme of the series as it has the ruffles, patterns, and style that people are looking for.

4. Self Portrait Crystal-Belt Pleated Polka-Dot Tulle Dress

Self Portrait Crystal-Belt Pleated Polka-Dot Tulle DressFrom the ruffle sleeves, powder blue color, and detailing along the neckline, this dress screams Bridgerton.

5. Self Portrait Midi Dress

Self Portrait Midi DressAnother dress that has the iconic style from the series is this Self Portrait midi dress. The black belt adds the perfect contrast and the layered ruffles are divine.

Grandmother Wears Her Dream Lace Wedding Dress at 94

Dreams do come true. You may have to wait a few decades for it, but eventually, they become a reality. Lehman and Martha Tucker are proof of this. They tied the knot back in 1952. Their marriage was a romantic one. However, the bride wanted to get married in a lace, white wedding gown and she happened to have missed out on that. This was because, back then, Martha was not able to buy it in the bridal showrooms in Alabama due to racial segregation.

Secrets Revealed

All these years, Martha never told anyone about these wishes. She kept them close to her heart. However, when she was in conversation with her granddaughter Angela Strozier, she happened to disclose her wishes at 94. She understood the many sacrifices she had to make as a Black woman, all those years ago. Women in her generation were denied many basic rights, courtesies, and customs that most people took for granted. So, her granddaughter decided to fulfill her grandmother’s wishes by dressing her in a lace wedding dress.

The Fittings

Strozier took her to David’s Bridal at Hoover in Alabama after she was treated to a brunch and a makeup session. She finally wore the wedding dress she had always dreamed about. It was a full-length white dress with lace sleeves and a matching veil. There was also a charming and cheeky lace garter. In an interview with CNN, Martha said that she was so excited that she felt like she was getting married all over again. She was shocked to see her reflection and could not stop smiling.

Dream Come True

Unfortunately, her better half Lehman had passed away back in 1975 but she kept the promise she had made on the day she had married him – to wear the dress that was worthy of the vows she had made. It took 70 years, but her dreams did come true.

Hold on to your dreams, people. You never know when it may just come true.