The Biggest Wedding Trends Set To Appear In 2021

A new year means one thing: new wedding trends. Each year brings its own designs and styles to the table. Now, it seems that wedding planners are preparing for the biggest wedding trends set to appear in 2021.

Living Room Decor

Picture couches, cozy blankets, and huge pillows. Yes, it seems that one of the biggest wedding trends set to appear in 2021 is none other than living room decor.

Tents And Lights

More outdoor weddings are taking place, and it looks as though this wedding trend will continue to appear in 2021. Be prepared to see a lot more tents with romantic mood lighting.

Tiny Toasts

It’s usual for certain members of the wedding party to make a toast. However, 2021 is set to see more intimate weddings, meaning there will be a chance for everyone to say their own bit at the reception.

Single-Tiered Cakes

Wedding cakes have come a long way over the years. Experts think that single-tiered cakes will be more on-trend in 2021, but they will be packed with detail. Think varied color palettes and small yet impressive details. Oh, and the flavors will be out of this world.

Toned Down Entertainment

You can wave goodbye to over the top performances at many weddings in 2021. Instead, it’s thought that couples will opt for the likes of dance tributes and acoustic bands instead.

Mismatched Tables

Mismatching everything has taken over weddings in the last few years. One of the biggest wedding trends set to appear in 2021 is mismatched tables. Should we be surprised?

The biggest wedding trends set to appear in 2021 show us how much the world of weddings is changing once again. It’s time to think about more intimate and laidback affairs rather than the over the top days many of us are used to seeing. We certainly can’t wait to see what’s to come.