This Boho-Style Nostalgic Elopement Is the Perfect Low-Key Affair

After two years of slim pickings when it comes to weddings, couples are looking for intimate, small-town weddings rather than ones held in grand venues. The small town of Chatham, Ontario recently had a small intimate shoot with a nostalgic backdrop and styling that looked right out of the catalog of a bohemian magazine. This photoshoot and wedding plan may just be the inspiration for your elopement.

The Elopement Photoshoot

The photoshoot was hosted and planned by Nicole Leigh Photography. The backdrop was a rusted wall with a dark brown solid wall with a setting of wildflowers and roses added for a country vibe. The bride wore a collection of long-laced bridal wear with Casablanca balloon sleeves paired with a white cowboy hat and boots. The groom wore a neat suit and tie with classic black pants. Danny Lynn Artistry did the bridal makeup, and the entire look paired with golden hoops gave an easy, breezy vibe.

Arrangement of the Elopement

Achieving a small-town wedding arrangement vibe is a simple procedure. Include feminine festive color as well as a neutral palette in your decor. Subtle hues of toffee, beige, white, and lavender contrasted with dark shades of brown will bring up the nostalgic small-town intimate vibe. If your heart desires a break from the hustle and bustle, this boho-themed elopement right in your city will make sure you create memories with people that you care about. Choose the color palette, arrange a cake from your favorite bakery and style your dresses with a bohemian touch and invite those who actually share and support your love. Enjoying the warm plate of food, laughter, and seeing eye to eye with your partner will leave you with a peaceful and happy memory of the elopement. With the right people on your side, set the course for a happy and evergreen partnership.