Here’s Why More Brides Should Give Speeches On Their Big Day

While it may be a tradition for the father of the bride, the groom, and the best man to give speeches at the wedding, more and more brides are standing up to say a few words to their loved ones. We’re living in a world where more and more weddings are leaving some traditions behind and making the day more inclusive.

Here’s Why More Brides Should Give Speeches On Their Big Day

A Chance To Say Thank You

Some brides also want the chance to say thank you to their friends and family. Every couple is different and has had to overcome obstacles of their own, sometimes family and friends have been there to help and support them in their time of need. This is the perfect opportunity for giving them the recognition they deserve. Sometimes the bride may have planned to say something that the groom hadn’t thought to mention. It’s the perfect opportunity for the bride to address their loved ones directly.

Recognizing The Family You’re Marrying Into

The groom has the chance to recognize the family he is marrying into on a raised platform, so it seems reasonable that the bride would have the opportunity to say a few words. It’s the perfect way of starting your new life as a married couple with a whole new family. Chances are, you have already been accepted as part of the family, but it’s lovely to recognize it all the same.

Here’s Why More Brides Should Give Speeches On Their Big Day

Takes Some Of The Pressure Off The Groom

Sometimes the groom might not be happy with the idea of standing up in front of a crowd; sometimes it’s simply a lot of pressure riding on one speech. If you have a speech from both the bride and the groom, then it takes a whole load of pressure off. Alternatively, some people have even opted for standing up together and saying different parts of the speech.

A Moment To Remember

More than anything, it’s a moment to remember. People will look back, and those speeches will stand out because they were a change from the regular tradition. People will also recognize that someone stood up to make a wonderful gesture even when they didn’t need to.

In general, more brides should have the opportunity to give a speech, say thank you to their guests and make a memory of a lifetime.