Brides Are Stirring Up Controversy by Wearing Crocs at Their Wedding

For as far as one can remember, brides have been putting in a lot of effort to look good. Be it tons of makeup or high heels, they have done it all in order to keep up with the fast-paced fashion industry. However, things have taken a turn over the past few years. New brides are now more considerate of their comfort. This is when the world saw brides in kicks and now in crocs. That’s right!

Brides Walking Down the Aisle in Crocs

When crocs were introduced to the fashion market in the year 2000, people loved the comfort that this footwear had to offer. However, due to its same, classic design, people soon got bored and sales went down. A few years later, the footwear hit the market again and this time, these were not just a pair of rubber slip-on shoes. Soon, crocs became a canvas for people to express their inner selves and this eventually led to bridal crocs. Lately, a few brides posted their wedding pictures where they were seen in their beautiful, unique, comfortable, and embellished crocs. Instead of wearing uncomfortable heels that would kill their feet by the end of the day, these women decided to prioritize their comfort without compromising on fashion.

The Internet Went Crazy

When a bride-to-be posted a video on Instagram where she showed people her entire process of creating her wedding footwear at home, the internet had some mixed thoughts about it. There were a few that loved the idea, while others thought that people have taken things too far. In fact, there were not one, but many such posts on Instagram that grabbed people’s attention. The other one was also from a woman soon to be walking into the new phase of her life in dazzling crocs decorated with a silk bow and Dior emblem.