Decoration Ideas For Every Backyard Wedding

So, you’ve finally decided on an outdoor wedding, and you have no idea where to start with the decor? Have no fear; here are some great decoration ideas for every backyard wedding. You could soon transform your outdoor space into the fairytale that everyone dreams of.

Rug Aisle Runner

Couples can create an aisle of their own with a simple rug. All you need is a long rug to add some boho vibes to your ceremony.

Fabric Arch

A fabric arch is excellent for a laid-back backyard wedding, you can drape fabric over a tree for an especially relaxed event or over some supports if you have a particular spot in mind.

Straw Bale Seating

Planning a more rustic-themed backyard wedding? Straw bales fit the theme and don’t cost a fortune. Simply cover each seat with some fabric and add a few pillows to finish off the look.

Dried Flower Confetti

Want a backyard wedding and an eco-friendly one? Dried flower confetti is here to help. It looks great in wedding photos and can even be used to decorate the tables during your reception.

Photo Display

You can easily create different areas of your backyard with the likes of a photo display. All you need is some string and wooden pegs to clip up pictures of your life together.

String Lights

String lights can bring any wedding to life, but they are especially helpful at a backyard wedding. They help to create a romantic space and light up the event when the sun starts to set.

Planning an outdoor wedding is a great way to get a little creative. As you’re planning where everything will go and the finer details, you can also start to think about all the decorations you can use to bring the area to life. It might not be long before you don’t even recognize your backyard thanks to the romantic additions.