Why You Should Use Dried Flowers At Your Wedding

Planning a wedding often comes with a whole lost of things to do, with flowers being an important part of the ceremony to many. Here’s why you should use dried flowers at your wedding instead of a fresh bunch or two. You can thank us later.

Why You Should Use Dried Flowers At Your Wedding

They Fit Many Themes

If you’re planning a rustic, vintage, or nature-themed day, then look no further. Dried flowers can be a great way to add a certain something special to your ceremony without having to break the bank as many florists already have plenty in stock. Did someone say vintage romance?

They’re Colorful

Dried flowers can leave many of us thinking of dull bouquets and lack-luster arrangements. However, that’s not always the case. Many color palettes and delicate petals come to life as soon as they are dried – especially if you want to add a dusty color theme to your big day.

Why You Should Use Dried Flowers At Your Wedding

They Can Be Any Season

Many couples want to make their wedding as eco-friendly as possible. Sadly, not all of our dream flowers are in season when we tie the knot. Using dried flowers means you could skip the importing part of making an arrangement as they will already be ready to go.

They’re Unexpected

It can be tough to find a way to add an unexpected element to your ceremony. Thankfully, not many guests expect to arrive and see dried flowers as the centerpiece to the ceremony. This can make them a striking detail to the bigger picture by adding some variety to the bouquets.

If you want to add your own touch to your ceremony while helping to save the planet, then look no further than dried flowers at your wedding. It might not be long before you’re part of one of the biggest growing trends in the wedding industry.