Spice Up Your Escort Cards With These Elegant Edible Treats

Gone are the days where you simply found a card with your name and table number. As an increasing number of couples get creative with telling their guests where to sit, and some have taken to using edible treats as place cards. Here are a few of the most unexpected edible escort card options.

Quality Olive Oil

A rustic wedding is the perfect place for a bottle of infused olive oil to be used as escort cards. Guests may not want to crack them open at the wedding itself, but these adorable little bottles are the gift that keeps on giving, whether they want to use it for their next culinary adventure or as a beautiful centerpiece.

Buckets Of Candy

A little jar or bucket of candy is a fun way to tell your guests where to sit, especially since they’ll have a little treat to snack on between meal courses. While you can go with something that simply looks pretty or fits your theme, you can also easily find personalized candy too.

Hot Sauce

This might not be for everyone, but if you and your partner both love to turn up the heat, it might be nice to give guests a small bottle of your favorite hot sauce, complete with their name and table number on a card around the bottle’s neck.


Macarons seem to be having a long-lived moment in the spotlight, and who can blame them with their colorful yet elegant design? A box of macarons with labels to tell your guests where they should sit is a beautiful and unique way to personalize your wedding reception.

Fresh Fruit

For those who love the rustic feel of seasonal fruit, giving guests a piece of nature’s bounty is a truly special way to customize your wedding escort cards.