6 Top-Choices in Engagement Rings That Are Inspired by Sophie Turner

Engagement Rings Inspired by Sophie Turner

Brides are the most detail-oriented when it comes to their wedding trousseau. Be it the dress or even the eye makeup, everything is closely analyzed and chosen. The same applies, obviously, to the rings. While some brides prefer simple bands or jewels with a bit of detailing, some tend to go for the most trendy yet classic ones that they see their favorite public figures donning. In recent times, one of the most talked about proposals is Joe Jonas asking Sophie Turner to marry him using a pear-shaped megawatt diamond ring with diamond-encrusted bands. This led to her fans obsessing over her ring and wanting the same or similar ones for themselves. While the original ring is said to be valued between $25,000 and $150,000, similar rings and ones with the same aesthetic are also available for lower prices. So, here’s presenting the top six Sophie Turner-inspired rings that you can get for yourself:

Shahla Karimi Pear Double Band Ring

Shahla Karimi Pear Double Band Ring

The most similar option available is this creation by Shahla Karimi – it’s a near replica of the original diamond ring donned by Sophie Turner. Featuring a center diamond in the shape of a pear with two thin pave diamonds encrusted with double bands, this is a stunner of a ring that would make even the actress herself do a double-take.

Shahla Karimi Pear V Ring

Another one of Shahla Karimi’s designs, this ring is a strong competitor to the original ring with an unconventional yet trendy asymmetric double band style. Perfect for brides going for unique designs, this stunner maintains the aesthetic appeal of the inspiration ring and gives it a fresh twist. This ring showcases a dazzling pear-shaped diamond in a semi-bezel setting giving it a glam fitting for an enchanting bride’s wedding.

Sarah Chloe Leia Engagement Ring

Sarah Chloe Leia Engagement Ring

If a blend of minimalism and elegance is your style, this delicate ring from Sarah Chloe fits perfectly. With a customizable half-carat diamond cut as a pear in the center on a double band, the ring is best suited for those who cater to their sentimental side and intend to wear the same ring at the ceremony and through life.

Vrai The Double Band Pear Engagement Ring

Presenting a diamond manufactured in a lab while giving off the same glamorous vibe, this ring is the perfect choice for wanting to exude a look of unity and strength. This ring gives a choice between a variety of diamond shapes, four metal hues, and two patterns of pave bands.

Blanca Monros Gomez Vena Amoris Ring

Blanca Monros Gomez Vena Amoris Ring

While being inspired by a celebrity, there are always people who want to maintain their individuality through their accessories. A radiant option for such brides is the Blanca Monros Gomez ring which gives off a unique elegance. With an innovative design through off-beat placements of several diamonds in the shape of a marquise, this piece is a unique take on the inspiration taken from Turner’s ring.

Lauren B Pear Shape Two-Tone Engagement Ring

Presenting a mixed-metal look, Lauren B introduces this new ring with two golden bands encrusted with diamonds, propping up a glittering pear-shaped center diamond.

Justin Alexander’s Be You Campaign Promotes Inclusivity for All Brides

Justin Alexander, one of the most popular and coveted bridal brands, just launched their newest campaign. According to the brand, their new ‘Be You’ campaign aims to include all brides in today’s society, regardless of their relationship status or sexual orientation. The company continues to say that they want women of all backgrounds to feel confident in showing their true selves on their wedding day, no matter what image society tells them they should project. We couldn’t agree more!

The Lineup

In the lineup of models, there are fashion influencers Kelsey Gross and Grace Strobel, the first Down syndrome model to represent an American skincare brand. Justin Warshaw, the CEO and creative director of Justin Alexander, says “Be Yourself” is a phrase that is often used because every bride should feel confident about themselves and can find the bridal gown of their dreams. According to Alexandr, this campaign is all about inclusivity. He further added that the aim was to show customers who may not have been able to see themselves in their previous campaigns that they too could be as beautiful and special as any other woman.

The Outfits

Justin Alexander’s new ‘Be You’ campaign, launching just a few months after its first appearance in 2018, features wedding dresses from Justin Alexander, Justin Alexander Signature, Adore by Justin Alexander, Sincerity Bridal, and Lillian West. This clothing lineup has a different style for everybody, from streamlined, simplistic outfits to elaborately detailed dresses. The dresses shown in the campaign can be found in-store at White Traditions Bridal House or your nearest Justin Alexander retailer. The brand has also improved its inclusivity efforts by developing skin-colored mesh and tulle options and an updated size chart to represent a more accurate fit. In addition, the company does not charge an additional fabric fee for sizes 20 and up.