How To Go Blue On Your Wedding Day

Following with old-age tradition, you are expecting to have something old, something borrowed, something new, and something blue for your wedding day. Many people opt to incorporate this into the engagement ring since it may be a family heirloom or is a newly picked diamond by your fiance with good taste.

While this can be something new or something old, the something borrowed could also be an easy choice. Just scrounge your mothers or grandmothers jewelry box, and find the gorgeous piece to rock on your wedding day.


However, then there is the something blue. While you have picked out every accessory to fit your white dress perfectly, it could be hard to find something blue to work with your complete look. After all, your shoes and jewels will be of a more natural look with cream, beige or silver to go with your white dress.


Many brides do, however, look to break away with tradition and add bold colors into their wedding day style. Hoping to turn heads at their ceremony, adding some color will certainly do the trick, and what better color to choose than blue? By giving old tradition an updated look, brides can incorporate the past trend in with their modern look.


A pair of blue earrings, blue shoes, or a blue clutch will certainly do the trick for going blue on your wedding day. If you’re happy to let that blue shine for guests to see, then these accessories are a perfect choice.

While you could also have blue flowers for your bouquet, another way to go blue is with your wedding lingerie. Having your something blue as your lingerie may not be apparent to the watchful eye, nor create a bold and colorful statement, but is an excellent trend for wedding day fashion.