Grandmother Wears Her Dream Lace Wedding Dress at 94

Dreams do come true. You may have to wait a few decades for it, but eventually, they become a reality. Lehman and Martha Tucker are proof of this. They tied the knot back in 1952. Their marriage was a romantic one. However, the bride wanted to get married in a lace, white wedding gown and she happened to have missed out on that. This was because, back then, Martha was not able to buy it in the bridal showrooms in Alabama due to racial segregation.

Secrets Revealed

All these years, Martha never told anyone about these wishes. She kept them close to her heart. However, when she was in conversation with her granddaughter Angela Strozier, she happened to disclose her wishes at 94. She understood the many sacrifices she had to make as a Black woman, all those years ago. Women in her generation were denied many basic rights, courtesies, and customs that most people took for granted. So, her granddaughter decided to fulfill her grandmother’s wishes by dressing her in a lace wedding dress.

The Fittings

Strozier took her to David’s Bridal at Hoover in Alabama after she was treated to a brunch and a makeup session. She finally wore the wedding dress she had always dreamed about. It was a full-length white dress with lace sleeves and a matching veil. There was also a charming and cheeky lace garter. In an interview with CNN, Martha said that she was so excited that she felt like she was getting married all over again. She was shocked to see her reflection and could not stop smiling.

Dream Come True

Unfortunately, her better half Lehman had passed away back in 1975 but she kept the promise she had made on the day she had married him – to wear the dress that was worthy of the vows she had made. It took 70 years, but her dreams did come true.

Hold on to your dreams, people. You never know when it may just come true.

6 Questions That Brides Need to Ask Their Wedding Florist

Flowers can be a big part of the day. You want to make sure that everything is correct, right? Here are six questions that brides need to ask their wedding florist in the build-up to the ceremony.

Can You See Example Bouquets?

This could be from previous weddings or a mock-up bouquet for your big day. It’s important to ask your florist to see their work before you dedicate to their service to make sure that you like their work.

Are You Available For My Wedding Date?

This is an important one. If the florist isn’t available for your wedding day, then the chances are you’ll have to find another supplier for your day!

What Flowers Will Be In Season?

Seasonal flowers are great to keep costs down when it comes to creating your flowers. It can also help keep the carbon footprint down as florists shouldn’t need to import as many flowers.

What Bouquet Can I Get For My Budget?

A wedding florist with experience should be able to come up with alternatives to make sure you get the look you want for your budget. It’s best to be honest about how much you have to spend as soon as possible.

Who Will Set Up The Flowers On The Day?

Ideally, you want your wedding florist to be there to set up the flowers at the ceremony and reception. If not, who will be there to make sure everything is prepared?

Are Options Customizable Or Are There Certain Designs?

This could make your life easier if you have no idea what you want from your wedding flowers. It could also limit creativity if a wedding florist only works to specific premade designs.

Learning the questions that brides need to ask their wedding florist should hopefully help this aspect of the big day fly by without any issues.