How To Host A Daytime Wedding

Interestingly, evening weddings (starting around 6pm) are now more popular than daytime weddings – especially in the middle of summer. However, there are plenty of reasons to have a daytime wedding instead. You’ll have more flexibility with the type of event you want and even perhaps jet off on your honeymoon that evening. You also won’t have that anxiety-ridden build up throughout the day! Here’s how to host a daytime wedding.

How To Host A Daytime Wedding


First up, it’s important to think about your timings. If you want to start earlier to finish earlier, then consider what time you need to get up to start getting ready! For example, a ceremony starting at 11am means it might be an early start for the bride and bridesmaids. But, it also means you can finish early evening and not feel exhausted.

Wedding Guest Attire

If you’re hosting a daytime wedding, then it’s unlikely your guests are going to turn up in ball gowns and white tie! However, this is where you can have a lot of fun because you can ask guests to turn up a bit more casual. Depending on where your wedding is, you could even opt for some kind of theme. We’re imagining a wooded wonderland!

How To Host A Daytime Wedding

Your Attire

The bride and groom can also go for something a bit more casual during a daytime wedding, too. If you want to go boho chic, do it! Daytime weddings suit more A-Line and slinky dresses, as opposed to embellished ball gowns. Men could opt for something in gray or blue instead of a formal black tux.

When it gets to the end of your big day, you could carry the evening on with some entertainment or even just take your close friends and family out for a celebratory meal. The sky really is the limit with a daytime ceremony!