How Much Should You Drink At A Wedding?

If there is one thing you are bound to expect at almost all weddings, it is a stocked up bar waiting to be dried out by the end of the evening. When there’s an open bar, you are sure guests are going to make the most of it, after all, they are in a celebratory mood and having a drink is inevitable. However, while an open bar may suggest drinking to your heart’s content without having to foot the bill at the end of the evening, it does not mean you have to go overboard as a guest.

We have all heard stories of the guest who went too far at a wedding, causing embarrassment, a terrible hangover, and becoming known as the one who got too drunk at a wedding. That is why Lizzie Post, an etiquette author, co-president of The Emily Post Institute, and host of the Awesome Etiquette Podcast, is highlighting the correct protocol when it comes to drinking at a wedding.


It Depends On The Couple

“Whether you want to let loose or you’re feeling reserved, the couple really sets the tone,” says Post. “If they’re the type of people who love a raging party, then by all means, don’t feel bad about going all out. It’s important to read the room: If the bride and groom are throwing a more formal reception, then perhaps it’s not the best idea to overdo it at the bar.”

Know Your Limit

“Alcohol affects you differently every time you have it, so start with one drink — that’s the recommended amount for work-related situations — and see how it goes,” says Post. “The best meter to guide you is your own ability to function when you’re drinking.”


If You Got Too Drunk

“Take ownership of your actions: Let someone know that you’re sorry that you went too far the night before,” she says. “Be clear that it wasn’t your intention to take the specialness out of the couple’s day, but don’t focus on the reasons why you got drunk.”


Remember Your Plus One

“You want to be responsible for your guest: You never want to put him or her in the position of babysitting you when you’re drunk,” says Post.