Top Tips for Negotiating When Finalizing a Wedding Venue

There’s no shame in admitting that negotiating on your dream wedding venue can prove to be not so dreamy! If you hire a wedding planner, they can obviously help you out with it through their expert guidance and contacts. But if you want to seal the deal on your own, there are a few necessary facts and steps to remember while negotiating. Read on to know more.

Understanding the Options

It’s not always possible to negotiate every term to your venue of choice. Look for any wiggle room to make things work for both sides. The areas of negotiation can be timeline, payment schedule, and menu, especially if the venue has its own catering service. But certain clauses are generally not up for negotiations. For example, there can be a strict rule about music due to the noise ordinance of the locality, or certain lighting or special effects might be banned if the venue is a historical site.

Finding a Middle Ground

Regardless of all your efforts, your dream venue may not be willing to budge on a thing or two. If you’re not ready to let the venue go, look for something else that can be compromised on. In many cases, finding such a middle ground works out for both parties. But if that last try fails too, it’s better to walk away. You need to decide your stance here thoughtfully and reasonably.

Picking the Battles

Wedding planning is a stressful and time-consuming effort. So, instead of wasting time on something secondary, focus on negotiating only those terms that will make or break your big day. Also, while starting the negotiation, approach the venue like purchasing a house. Never reveal that you’re considering this venue only, even if you are doing it! Instead, maintain the approach that the venue is no doubt your first choice, but you’re ready to go elsewhere as per your budget. Sometimes playing hard to get is not the worst idea.

Keeping it Kind

Another key is to be kind. Maintaining a demanding and entitled attitude or getting angry over a refusal won’t help you to get what you want, but will only make things more difficult. Always try to communicate your vision and terms calmly and in a considerate manner. Express your sincere excitement about the venue, and be kind while explaining the reason behind the changes you want. It’s a tried and tested fact that, if the negotiation goes on calmly and kindly, the venue managers are more likely to budge to make things happen.