How To Make Sure You Are The Perfect Maid Of Honor

Winning the lucrative role of being Maid of Honor comes with three major tasks: support the bride, manage the bridesmaids, and be there at all times. While, of course, you are a guest at the wedding and will want to enjoy yourself, you were given this role for a reason, and by no means can you abuse it.

So, ensuring you are well organized and have excellent communication skills, you will undoubtedly prove you were the right choice for the job. Above all, a positive attitude is a must. After all, you are the bride’s right-hand woman, and you can make sure everything goes swimmingly well.


This starts with keeping the bride as stress-free as possible. If anything seems to be going wrong, make sure the bride is not the one to know about it, nor deal with it. With your quick thinking and can-do attitude, you will get straight to task in fixing whatever the situation may be. You were probably along for the ride when it came to the wedding planning, so you should already know how the day is meant to play out.


Therefore, having emotional support throughout the whole process is key. To be a good listener when things get too stressful, or if the bride has got too much on her plate, you will be her rock. Being honest and giving positive feedback, will make you a great support system and the bride is certainly looking for your opinions and advice on everything.


The next focus should be on the bridesmaids, and to let them know where they need to be when and what needs to be done in advance. Before the wedding, you should be the messenger between the bridesmaids and bride so that the bride doesn’t get too stressed with so many people coming to her.

Therefore, it is important to be available for everything before the wedding. Bridal showers and the bachelorette could be down to you to plan and host, so being able to take on the responsibility is important, so all pre-wedding festivities go perfectly!