How to Plan Your Wedding Using Pinterest

Long gone are the days of having to put pen to paper to plan your wedding, as it’s now easier than ever to use technology to your advantage. Yes, more and more couples are choosing to use Pinterest to plan their wedding – and we can totally understand why. It’s easy, it’s simple, and the whole process makes you even more excited for the big day to come around. This is how to plan your wedding using Pinterest.

How to Plan Your Wedding Using Pinterest

Create Your Wedding Boards

While you could scroll aimlessly through Pinterest for hours on end, this social media platform is best used when you create your own boards. Whether you create one big wedding board or whether you create smaller boards for your decorations, dress, cake, and so on, is totally up to you. You can add as many pins as you like to these boards to begin with, because the next step will help you hone in these ideas…

Analyze Your Boards

Once your boards are full of pictures, it might be an idea to look through all of the pictures you’ve selected and try to find a common theme between all of them. It can be helpful to spot any trends within the pins that you chose, to determine what it is that you really like. Then, once you’ve honed in on what you want and what you keep being drawn to, you can delete all of the other unnecessary pictures that don’t quite float your boat.

How to Plan Your Wedding Using Pinterest

Think Outside The Box

When using Pinterest, it can be easy to copy what you see on the platform. While you can do that, it’s often more exciting to think more outside of the box. Sure, you can use these pins as inspiration, but use that inspiration to come up with your own ideas that are more personal. Continue doing this as you plan away.

So, are you really to start planning your wedding?