Great Pre-Wedding Activities to Keep Your Guests Entertained

Your big day will get all your favorite people together. If your guests are traveling long hours to celebrate your new journey, why not show them a little appreciation? Arrange a memorable pre-wedding activity as a part of your wedding bash to make your guests pumped up for the big day! Here are a few ideas for you:

Throwing a Welcome Party

Arranging a welcome party for your guests can be a great way to kick off your wedding festivities. Especially if the majority of your guests are coming from out of town, a pre-wedding welcome party can give them a great opportunity to meet ahead of the main wedding celebration. Throw the party the night before your wedding, and it can wonderfully work as your rehearsal dinner, before jumping into a formal experience the next day.

Planning a Pool Party

If you’ve booked a resort with a pool for your wedding ceremony, arranging a fun gathering at the poolside is a great way to spend the pre-wedding afternoon. Just set up a poolside counter, blow up a few pool floats, and if you want to, maybe even hire a DJ! But remember, if you haven’t opted for a hotel buyout, arranging a pre-wedding pool party can be difficult and expensive.

Getting Some Yoga On

A fitness-centered pre-wedding activity can be a unique idea that would appeal to your wedding guests. Arrange a low-key yoga session on a beach or any other wonderful outdoor backdrop. Such locations bring in natural refreshments, accommodate a big group of people, and often don’t need any pre-booking. There’s hardly any better way to get geared up for the big day!

Heading Out on a Hike

If you’re heading to a mountain location for your destination wedding, let the guests experience the natural scenery to its fullest. A group hike can be a casual yet great pre-wedding idea to make your guests feel rejuvenated ahead of your big day. A guided hike will keep your guests on the safest paths, but with the added refreshment of immersing in natural splendor.

Offering Hair and Makeup Services

If pampering your guests is really what you want, why not help them to get glammed up on your big day? Bring in extra pre-wedding beauty squads on the morning of the ceremony to get your guests’ makeup and hair done. As a bonus, your wedding album will be filled with more wonderful memories, as even the most camera-shy guests might be more inclined to face the camera looking and feeling their best.

Important Tips to Follow When Shopping for Wedding Dresses Online

Traditionally, buying a wedding dress would include setting up a bridal appointment and visiting the boutique, usually with an entourage of family and friends. However, the possibility of online shopping has made the process quicker and somewhat simpler. This is especially useful for brides whose preferred designers don’t have boutiques that are physically close. Equipped with patience, an open mind, and a strong internet connection, it’s time to start shopping.

Budgeting and Timeline

animated pic of hands holding a bag and a credit card
Important Tips to Follow When Shopping for Wedding Dresses Online

When making a shopping budget for a wedding dress, it’s important to also factor in the cost of the shoes, accessories, tailoring, alterations, and potential shipping costs. If the dress is to be made-to-order, then it’s necessary to order it well ahead of time to eliminate all worries and stress of whether or not your dress will be done on time.

dress models
Important Tips to Follow When Shopping for Wedding Dresses Online

Once you have a budget in place, you can look at available models. Taking inspiration from Pinterest, Instagram, or your preferred fashion magazines is always helpful when establishing your taste in wedding dresses. Next comes the choice of fabrics. Most commonly, wedding dress fabrics include chiffon, satin, silk, taffeta, tulle, and lace. Many online shops offer a variety of choices.

Check for Online Store References

white dress
Important Tips to Follow When Shopping for Wedding Dresses Online

It’s extremely important to find a reputable shop to entrust with your wedding dress. Always do in-depth research before committing to working with any online boutique. Ask the important questions such as whether or not they have a full-time support team; if their products are made in-house or if they have to rely on a third party to make the dresses; can you rely on the quality, fit, and on-time delivery of your order, and more.

Taking Proper Measurements

taking measuresMost boutiques will require shoppers to fill in a size chart. The measurements needed include the bust, hip-width, waist circumference, and more. Lastly, it’s one thing to envision oneself in a bridal gown and a completely different experience once it’s on. If possible, find retailers that can send out a dress to be tried on before commissioning one.