Pumpkins Are The Autumn Wedding Magic Everyone Needs

Though many agree it’s the most beautiful time of year, many people back away from autumn weddings because they don’t offer as much in the way of sunshine and colorful florals quite like spring and summer. But somehow, everyone seems to be forgetting that fall offers its own bright and unique assortment of growth all on its own: pumpkins!

Mr. & Mrs.

Pumpkins are not just for carving and baking. In fact, so many pumpkins get wasted each year for being too small or not orange enough, when they should all be plucked up for wedding arrangements. Ranging in many sizes and colors, they do a significant portion of the decoration planning for you, just the way they come. They can set the mood, or they can be modified to match the mood – either way, pumpkin potential is at an all-time high with weddings. Here are several ways to help them help you complete your wedding decor.

1. Line the aisle.

In case it wasn’t already obvious, a long line of pumpkins will charmingly dictate the illustrious aisle, and make for some beautiful pictures, too.

Here Comes The Bride

2. Paint them to match the theme

If you can’t make your theme match the pumpkins, make your pumpkins match the theme! Spray paint will do the trick here – try the metallic colors to add more variety.

3. Designate the head table

In case anyone wasn’t sure who’s really the star of this show, amp up your head table with an extra special pumpkin display that shows off their many tones, lit up by magical candles or twinkling lights.

Pretty Pumpkins All In A Row

4. Direct guests.

A little cluster of pumpkins is a great place to balance a sign letting your guests know what is up and what is down, or at least where to enter and exit.

5. Decorate the table.

This should probably be the first thing on the list: pumpkins make for the sweetest table decorations! Colorful, stout, and sturdy, you won’t have to worry about them being knocked over, wilting, or really requiring any maintenance – they are effortlessly colorful and aesthetically diverse. But don’t overdo it – scatter the pumpkins loosely, and don’t stack them too high that it gets dangerous.

Effortlessly Beautiful

6. Assign seats.

Nothing like a little pumpkin to deliver the important seating chart information to your guests. With a slip of paper and a loop of string, simply attach custom name cards to them – instead of trying to delicately arrange them on a table that they’re liable to blow off of before anyone finds them.

7. Fill in the empty spaces.

Lacking decorations in certain corners of your venue? Pumpkins are here to save the day, again. With so many different ways to be arranged and all of them equally lovely, you can fill in all of your empty spaces with pumpkins and bring fall to life.

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