How To Dress Your Pup Of Honor On Your Wedding Day

Weddings are a colorfully fashionable affair, and there are few things more special than seeing all of your favorite people turn out in their best-dressed attire to celebrate love. But even though your pooch is comfortable in their birthday suit, it just wouldn’t feel right for them to miss out on the fancy side of the festivities.

How does a dog dress up for a wedding? Let us count the ways!

How To Wedding-Dress The Family Dog For The Big Day

The first questions you need to answer are:

1. What’s the dress code? Whether it’s black tie or garden party casual, the pup should match the public. 2. What’s the color scheme? Make sure they match! 3. Is the dog part of the ceremony? If so, you can customize their outfit to match the matrimony. 4. What’s your canine’s demeanor? If they love little coats and knick-knacks, make sure you cute them up with one of the many amazing outfit options. If they hate being wrapped up in anything, make sure you refrain from a restricting outfit – there are plenty of killer collars to do the trick.

Now, you’re ready to shop!

If your pooch is clothing-friendly, try one of these irresistible outfits:

How To Wedding-Dress The Family Dog For The Big Day

Dog Tuxedo

These little tuxes are made to order using your pup’s measurements to ensure the best fit possible, and the bow-tie color can be customized for cuteness. Just make sure it’s without sleeves, so their legs can move more freely.

Dog wedding dress

A little lace gown will let your little lady know she’s still the belle of the pawl.

How To Wedding-Dress The Family Dog For The Big Day

Flower dog dress

In this perfect floral dress, she’ll blend in with the rest of the flower party purr-fectly.

Dog Ringbearer

If your pup is bringing in the ringing, let them brag about it with a cute titled shirt they can wear proudly.

How To Wedding-Dress The Family Dog For The Big Day

Is your canine companion not the biggest fan of restricting clothes? No problem! Check out all these accessories that’ll let everyone know they mean business:

Wedding Collar

One little collar can say so much when given the chance.

Wedding vows leash

To commemorate your forever love with your pup – we mean, with each other…of course.

Wedding bandana

It’s so cute, the humans might even be envious!

How To Wedding-Dress The Family Dog For The Big Day

Wedding bowtie

Tried and true, this bow-tie will give your pup all the class a canine is capable of.

We have no doubt with any of these outfit choices your pup is going to make your wedding the doggone photo op of the year.