The Rules You Need For Posting Wedding Photos On Instagram

In days of old, the only way a public audience would hear about your engagement or wedding was if you were fancy enough to send an announcement to the newspaper.

With Instagram taking center stage at nearly every life event, whether it’s happy or sad, couples and their families no longer need to shell out money in order to publicize to the world that they’re celebrated. That being said, here are a few guidelines about what to share and not share on your journey down the aisle.


When it comes to engagement photos, it’s a good idea to post a picture of you and your beau, rather than just the ring. You may also want to think about not going for obvious hashtags, because if you are wearing the ring, then no one needs a¬†reminder that you didn’t say no. Another suggestion is to save the wedding hashtag for a little further down the line, rather than right after he puts a ring on it.

Bachelorette Party

The bachelorette party might seem like the perfect time to Instagram everything, but in reality, it’s better to approach it with a less is more attitude, at least with regards to what you put on social media. Rather than you and your girls inundating everyone with multiple shots that all look strikingly similar, let the bride have the final say and be the person to post the group shot. Also if it’s not safe for work, keep it off the ‘gram.

Wedding Day

As the guest at a wedding, it’s a major faux pas to take your own video of the ceremony. Most social media users also have no interest in your poor quality videos that were taken in the middle of the reception. As for the big day hashtag, if your names work, great, but don’t stress if they don’t.