How To Incorporate Shells Into Your Beach Wedding Decor

There’s something particularly magical about a beach side wedding. From the sparkling blue water as a backdrop, to the soothing sound of the waves lapping behind you as you make your vows, it’s obvious why the setting is such a popular place to say “I do.” If you want to bring more a little more of the seaside into your reception, here are a few shell based details that will add a touch of class.

Seating Cards On Shells

Ditch the classic paper card that assigns each guest their seat in favor of an elegant polished shell with their name and table number on it. The sparkling shells are also nice souvenirs for them to take home, and their natural shine will make for an classy touch.

Oyster Shell Cake Decorations

Natural oyster shells are a glamorous way to jazz up your cake, while still keeping the theme nautical. Their asymmetrical shape looks exquisite cascading down the sides of the various tiers. You can also offset the design with some shimmering pearls.

Shell Centerpieces

Instead of stick with a regular floral centerpiece, you can add that touch of ocean breeze by setting your flowers in a large shell, instead of a more traditional vase. The shell will give each table a seaside flare, without being over the top. It can also be a fantastic way to set each table apart from the others.

Shell Ring Carrier

If you and your fiancé plan on having a ring bearer walk down the aisle, you can have the rings beautifully displayed in a large shell, rather than on a pillow or in a basket. Fill the shell with flowers, before setting the rings on top, which will bring a refreshing natural element into your ceremony.

Salt And Pepper Shells

You can use polished shells in an innovative way on each table, by setting salt and pepper in polished shells.