These Unique Proposals Are Bound To Leave You In Tears

You have been together for a substantial amount of time and reached that point in your relationship where you know you want to be by the other’s side for as long as you both shall live. Now what? Looking back at how things worked centuries ago, proposals were nothing more than a publicized, shared agreement that the two are bound to marry eventually.

But over time, popping the important question became an unofficial contest, where the winner takes more than a blushing bride home – they are awarded extra points for creativity and lifelong admiration by the one who (hopefully) answered “yes.”

Necklace Turned Ring

Australia-based couple Terry and Anna shocked many with their unlikely story. As it turns out, Anna wandered around with a wooden necklace around the neck for an entire year before learning the adornment made by Terry actually held her engagement ring inside.

P.S. I Love you

Timothy Chee knew Candice Catherine was the one for him only a week after the two started seeing one another. During the second week of dating, Chee sent Catherine a love letter, beginning with a big, curvy, capital “W.” After three consecutive years of wooing and many notes later, Catherine realized those letters spelled out “WILL YOU MARRY ME.”


The More The Merrier

Now here is something you don’t come across every day – Jess Nakrayko decided she didn’t want her wedding to be all about her, so she cooked up an idea and suggested it to Adam, her best friend Kieley’s boyfriend. Since they were best friends, it only seemed fitting that if the thunder was going to be ‘stolen’, it would be done by Kiely. When the time came to toss the bouquet, Jess unexpectedly turned to Kieley and handed her the flowers. When Kieley turned around, Adam was right behind her, down on one knee with a ring in his hand.


F.R.I.E.N.D.S For Life

Fans of the timeless sitcom will look back fondly at the episode in which Monica told Chandler she wanted to marry him, her best friend. Not a dry eye was left watching the show after watching Chandler quickly get down on his knee and officially propose when Monica was too emotional to speak. So when Adam Fishlock decided Claire Brierley was his soulmate, there was no better way he could think of to propose but on the set replica of the show’s famous apartment. Needless to say, Claire was quick to call out an excited “yes!”