This Couple in Florida Made a Train Their Wedding Venue

People today get married in all sorts of places. Planes, on the internet, at Disneyland, no place is too strange. Now there’s a new venue on the list — the train! A couple recently got hitched on board Florida’s Brightline, a high-speed train running between Miami and West Palm Beach. The train played a major role in the love story of the couple and hence became the place they shared their vows.

The Couple

The couple in question, teacher Megan Michelle Gabelman, and artist Jean-Philippe Charles, met almost six years ago. The meeting happened when Jean-Phillipe put forward his interest in subleasing Megan’s apartment. Over the years, as the two started dating and grew closer, it was the Brightline that allowed them to commute to and fro. Thanks to the train, the duo was able to go on many dates, explore South Florida, and fall in love. According to Megan, the Brightline became a default addition to all their plans. No matter where they were headed to, a romantic getaway or just to eat, the train was always a part of the journey and added adventure to their trips.

The Wedding Aboard the Train

When it came to closing the wedding venue, the Florida couple opted for the train as they wanted their family to go on a journey with them. For the big day, the couple, along with 34 of their closest people, headed to the West Palm Beach Station, where they were greeted in the premium lounge with some light bites and drinks. The wedding party had their own premium train car. The ceremony began with a song by the groom’s sister, and after a unique ceremony, the duo was declared husband and wife. The bride was ecstatic at their decision to get married in such a special place, one which she believes embodies just a little bit of nostalgia and romance.

Capes to Spruce Up Your Wedding Dress

Wedding season is finally here, and brides everywhere are starting to show off their gorgeous gowns on social media and Pinterest boards. Of course, your dress was undoubtedly the most expensive part of your wedding, so you’ll want to accessorize it with the perfect cape to take your look from pretty to elegant in seconds. A bridal cape is simply a shawl covering your shoulders and back while complimenting your gown. It can be a statement accessory that adds glamor and flair to any wedding dress. We’ve gathered five of our favorite capes to compliment any wedding dress style.

Erdem lace Cape

For a lace cape that will complement both a modern and more classic wedding dress, Erdem is a great choice. His capes are feminine and delicate, with beautiful laces and beading details. Fans love all of his creations, in particular the ones with intricate floral prints. Crafted from splendid organza with an ethereal appeal, this striking cape has meticulously embroidered floral motifs. Trimmed with satin piping, it fastens with elegant ties at the neck. Drape it over your dresses for a sleek finish.

LaVoileRose Pearl Capelet

When shopping for a sleek and effortless-to-wear wedding cape, check out this design, which slides on without being secured at the front or the back. This stunning capelet is a highly versatile item that can be worn in multiple ways. Wear it as a traditional capelet with your arms through a slit at one end, or wear it more like a shawl, keeping your arms close and holding onto both ends. Finally, wrap it around yourself just once for a cowl-neck effect. It’s hard to go wrong with such versatility!

Bridal Separates Lace and Pearl Cape

It is a lacy overlay that decorates a low-cut back or dress strap. This pretty accessory is perfect for brides who want to cover up without looking frumpy (think strapless bridal gowns). The cape typically features intricate detailing such as pleats, lace, and beads. In addition, a sweetheart neckline will create a stunning flow of fabric at your neckline. The beautiful design is a great addition for brides who want to keep it simple with the dress and add a touch of flourish, aka the cape.

NoonOnTheMoon Hayden Cape

The Hayden bridal cape is a twist on the traditional wedding veil that projects contemporary and traditional tastes. Clean but strong, it exudes an androgynous presence that is distinctive and proud. Made from an ethereal English net, this cape floats around your shoulders and boasts a glamorous wide train while displaying your gown fashionably. A simple, graceful design with a flattering silhouette that’s just as beautiful on your wedding day as it is for parties.

Davie and Chiyo Modern Bridal Cape

Fashioned by David and Chiyo, these capes are designed for the bold and adventurous bride, as it offers an alternative to the traditional veil and drapes beautifully with ease. It looks fabulous whether dressed up or dressed down. The light and airy fabric create an air of elegance, the perfect and non-fussy accessory to amp up your look.