Two Tricks To Keep In Mind While Planning Your Engagement Party

Getting engaged is exciting- but it also means that there’s a lot to plan! Celebrating your engagement with family and friends might seem like something complicated to coordinate, but it doesn’t have to be.  We’ve put together two tips to keep in mind while you plan your celebration- or celebrations.

Timing Is Everything

You should plan to throw your engagement party within a few months of your engagement, ideally within three months of getting asked the big question. This should give you enough time to plan in advance and make sure people coming near and far can make it.  It is also far away enough from the big day and will ensure you won’t be in the midst of big wedding plans and tasks. A couple of months will also give you enough time to plan exactly the type of party you always dreamt.

Keep in mind that if you’re hosting a laidback intimate gathering, planning shouldn’t take too long. If you’ve got your mind is set on something a bit more lavish, you’ll want to give yourself a bit more time pay attention to the fine details.

The More the Merrier

Planning an event around the schedules of everyone you love and want to celebrate with can be a stress trigger. Planning a couple of small get-togethers with different groups of people can be an excellent solution for this. If you and your partner’s parents don’t live in the area, you can wait and celebrate with them over dinner next time they’re in town. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get cocktails with your friends to toast the next chapter of your life in the meantime.

Your engagement should be something to celebrate with everyone you love. Not being able to coordinate with everyone precisely at the same time just means you’ll have more celebrations!