Unexpected Bouquets To Carry While You Walk Down The Aisle

The question of what kind of flowers to carry as you walk down the aisle is almost as big as which to choose for your centerpieces. If you’re looking for something unexpected to hold onto as you make your way to the alter, here are a few creative twists on the more traditional bunch of roses.

1. Edible Plants

You probably never considered carrying an artichoke in your wedding bouquet, but the spring delicacy is really just a large flower bud in the laurel family. For a more striking option, you can add in some cut pomegranate for the beautiful garnet colored arils, or even the dramatic interior of a halved fig.

2. Cotton Blossom

For a particularly delicate and airy bouquet, cotton blossoms are a nice addition to a bundle of baby’s breath. The wispy bundles can also serve as a nice contrast to heavier plants, like a small round berry. Cotton is also a nice alternative for the groom to wear as well.

3. Feathers

For a dramatic bouquet, consider tucking feathers in among your flowers. Feathers are a great way to bring your bouquet more in line with the overall vibe you’re looking for, whether it be something more glamorous or more down to earth.

4. Herbs

There’s little more delightful than catching a whiff of fresh lavender on the wind. Accompany your walk down the aisle with the blooms of fresh herbs, which not only looking refreshingly rustic, but will perfume your entire journey to the alter. Plenty of herbs have more spiritual meanings as well, which brings another layer to your bridal bouquet.

5. Succulents

Succulents aren’t just a popular trend in house plants. The hardy water guzzlers will also look beautiful bunched together in a bouquet. Not only that, they’re an eco friendly option that can be successfully transferred to pots when you get home after your big day.