There’s A Chic Cake In Town And Its Got Vera Wang’s Name On It

Vera Wang is already a favorite dressmaker amongst many brides, with many heading to her showrooms for their dream dress. While the glamor at a wedding is the elegant gown the bride chooses to wear, it can now be brought to another part of the wedding. Perhaps more unconventional, Vera Wang now brings her fashion elegance to wedding desserts.


Ladureé, the upscale Parisian pâtissier known for its French macarons, announced it would be collaborating with Vera Wang to bring their own glamorous treats. The bridal wear designer will now hold its name on two desserts for this collaboration.

Keeping in trend with Ladureé’s signature dessert, the first will be a limited edition coconut crème chantilly macaron. The peach colored treats will cost $24 for six and are the perfect centerpiece for any dinner party. The macarons can also be purchased in bulk – A cube of 45 is $166, a cube of 80 is $274, and a cube of 125 is $425.


As well as macarons, Ladurée is known for making other delicious treats, and since they are working with a wedding expert, it made complete sense to collaborate on a wedding cake. The Vera Wang Pour Ladurée collection will feature a wedding cake with mango and coconut flavors.

As for the design of the cake, Vera Wang explained one of her gowns inspired it. She said, “I could not imagine a more delicate or sophisticated creation to grace any couple’s celebration.”


While you may feel like you want to indulge in a Vera Wang delight one evening, you must know that to purchase a Vera Wang Pour Ladurée wedding cake you are expected to be hosting at least 40 guests. Should you want an individual cake, just like the macarons, these are available for purchase and are the perfect touch to bring to any party.