What Florists Wish You Knew

Although wedding season is winding down, there is still plenty to learn about putting together the big day. Choosing flower arrangements can be a grueling decision for brides.

Don’t worry ladies, here are some tips from florists that will help make the process easier.

Not All Florists Are The Same It might seem obvious, but remember that different florists offer different services. Make sure to ask as many questions as possible to leave no chance for a communication breakdown.

Ask questions about delivery services, how long in advanced the bouquets will be prepared, and if they offer any services beyond flowers.

Flowers Are Not Expensive Only For Weddings While a rumored “wedding tax” might help justify the high price tag, flowers are not priced up just for weddings. Creating the right arrangement takes a ton of man-hours.

In addition to arranging the flowers, a florist must spend countless hours planning each arrangement with the bride, and execute a floral plan.

Wedding bouquet

Outdoor Photos Can Kill Your Bouquets While we encourage you to take the best photos possible for your wedding, staging outdoor photos with flowers can be a bit tricky.

Heat in the summer and cold in the winter puts the flowers through the grinder and can cause them to wilt before the ceremony. Have a bridesmaid bring them back inside after a few photos.

Stay Away From Overly Scented Florals Scented flowers can certainly bring life to a room. However, those scents can affect taste. Flowers such as lilacs, or lilies of the valley can perhaps impact how you enjoy the meal at your table.

Also, remember that scents are a personal preference and might bother some guests.


Trust Your Vendors It is important to remember that flowers are a living and breathing thing. This means that you must stay flexible when selecting your arrangements.

The flowers you chose might not have fully bloomed. If your florist makes a substitution, trust that they have the professional wherewithal to make an appropriate swap.