Here Are The Best Reasons To Choose A Destination Wedding

Better known in history as “eloping,” destination weddings have always been an option for couples looking to tie the knot away from home. There are a number of benefits to choosing a destination wedding, rather than staying local. Here are some of the best reasons to hop on a plane before you say, “I do.”

1. They’re less stressful. Anyone who’s been a part of traditional wedding planning knows just how much work it takes to get every detail right. When you go away for your ceremony, most of the details are taken care of for you. Some resorts will even offer an all-inclusive wedding package for you.

2. It takes some of the pressure off of family arguments. Gone are your worries of insulting half the family by making them travel. It’s easier to find a compromise between the two parties, without having to give up on the magic that makes your day special

3. International travel may seem like a daunting expense, but in truth, a destination wedding and honeymoon package in a luxury resort will only run you a few thousand dollars, rather than a traditional wedding, which often clocks in around $30k – and that’s without the honeymoon.

4. When you hop on a plane for your wedding, you can tailor the ceremony to be more meaningful to you, especially if old-school traditions feel stuffy and dated to you and your loved one.

5. If this is your second wedding, then you’ve more than likely already had your over-the-top, at home affair. A second wedding done elsewhere will be the intimate affair you’re looking for, rather than an extravagant event that empties your pockets…again.

6. A destination wedding is the perfect chance to reconnect with your family. Since the guest lists tend to be scaled down, and you’ll need to arrive a few days before the ceremony, traveling for your nuptials will give you a chance to kick back and vacation with your close relatives.