This Couple Organized Their Dream Wedding For Under $1300

Weddings can conjure up images of many things – including hefty price tags. That was until one couple managed to organize their dream wedding for under $1,3000. But how did they do it?

Lasting Relationship

Lee and Beth Southern live in Cheshire, U.K. The couple had been together since they were 16 years old and engaged for many years. They had dreams of buying a house but thought that saving for the deposit for their home meant they would never be able to pay for their wedding.

This Couple Organized Their Dream Wedding For Under $1300

Waving The Fee

Reverend Mike Smith wants to encourage more couples to have church weddings, so he has decided to give away three weddings in his church. There is a £250 ($327) fee for each pair, but they don’t have the additional costs to pay. Thankfully, Lee and Beth were chosen as one of the lucky couples to get picked.

Plenty Of Help

It wasn’t long before a team of volunteers arrived to help the pair plan out their wedding, a teacher stepped in as a wedding planner while an amateur photographer took the photos and a grandmother was the one in charge of organizing the bouquet. It looked as though everyone was willing to lend their help – for free.

Spending The Rest

Thankfully, this left Lee and Beth with enough to cover the rest of the costs. The pair spent £650 ($850) on their food and drink as they served up a two-course meal for their 30 guests, while the rest of the budget went toward paying for a framed photo, a wedding cake, invitations, and flowers.

This Couple Organized Their Dream Wedding For Under $1300

One Small Addition

Although the couple had saved thousands of dollars on the rest of their ceremony, there was one thing Beth wanted to splash out on: her wedding dress. The bride spent £800 ($1,045) on her wedding dress. Thankfully, she was able to get it fitted for free by a seamstress willing to help Beth keep her purchase as low as possible.

Many of us think we need thousands of dollars to make our dream weddings come to life, but it looks as though it might be cheaper than we ever believed. Sometimes, our friends and family really can step in to help when we need them the most.