Each State Perfectly Summed Up In One Photo

Residents of the United States of America know that they can find a vastly different culture even one state over. Denizens of New Jersey, for example, might be best known as the cast of the Jersey Shore, though shore culture far from represents the entirety of the state, however, one of the most densely populated states sits right next to the largely empty Pennsylvania. In fact, Pennsylvania’s interior is so rural, that many people refer to the areas that aren’t either Philadelphia in the east or Pittsburgh in the west as ‘Pennsyltucky.’


Arizona locals are used to the extremely dry and hot desert weather. When it gets so hot that you can easily bake cookies under your car’s front windshield, you too might take a more humorous approach to warning the populace about fires.

Arizona, of course, attracts plenty of tourists to its incredible natural formations like the Grand Canyon. If you get tired of hiking along the Colorado river basin, you can also switch it up and hike in the Sonora Desert.


Aside from being the first state to have ratified the Constitution all those years ago, Delaware is notable for not having sales tax, which makes it a big shopping destination for those traveling the Eastern seaboard.

Their tax laws are also known for attracting large companies to build their headquarters within the tiny state. Other than that, most people don’t know much about Delaware, though those looking for a nearby beach getaway should swap out the Jersey shore for Delaware’s. You can thank us later.


When trying to find the most quintessential Florida photo, it can be hard to determine which is the most bizarre entry. Somehow the panhandle state has earned itself a reputation for some of the weirdest criminals in the entire country.

This guy may not have eaten a fellow citizen’s face after inhaling bath salts, but his ensemble certainly personifies Florida weird. From his intense mullet to his obsession with Tim Tebow that’s even resulted in a tattoo topped off with jorts, this man basically is Florida.


Georgians love their peaches so much that it’s not only on their license plates, but was the featured image on the millennial state quarters that were released between 2000 and 2008. While Georgia is home to both Coca-Cola and Delta Airlines, who are both headquartered in Atlanta,  plenty of the state is still incredibly rural.

It’s no surprise then that Georgia is biggest pecan producer in the world, on top of all of their succulent Georgia peaches. This misspelled sign should definitely be pronounced in a heavy Southern drawl.


Hawaii may be a tropical paradise, but there are definitely some downsides to being a series of volcanic islands. One might envision hiking the beautiful mountain rainforests or relaxing next to the crystal blue water, forgetting about the occasional volcanic eruptions that are always a possibility on some of the islands.

This picture captures the results of the famously laid back Hawaiian attitude, as this bus was unable to escape from the all consuming flow of hot lava down the mountainside.


Arkansas is another state that conjures up an images of a sort of backwoods lifestyle that’s unfamiliar to those who grew up in the big cities that dot America’s coasts. When you live in an empty countryside, however, it’s incredibly common to turn to hunting in order to keep up with your food supply.

In Arkansas, however, hunting and comfort go and hand in hand, as this guy shows while pointing his rifle at some wild game from the comfort of his backyard hot tub.


The dangerous reputation of the south side of Chicago is well known throughout the country, and it would be difficult to depict the toll it’s taken better than with this local police humvee.

While other big cities may have heavy duty armored vehicles in their possession, it is rare to see them during the light of day. Not so in Chicago, where the city has failed to manage the proliferation of violent crime for many years. The rest of the state, however, is mostly cornfields.


The homey nature of Indiana is probably best shown through this welcoming sign. Midwesterners are particularly hospitable, especially in contrast to citizens of the coast, many of whom have a reputation as being cold or short tempered.

Not so in Indiana. Many Hoosiers, as locals call themselves, are chock full of a friendly spirit as well as state pride, which isn’t particularly surprising, considering the local nickname was even given to Indiana University’s extremely popular athletic teams. Eat here and experience the best of the Hoosier state.


If Iowa is anything, it’s flat. More than a quarter of the state’s economy is defined by agriculture, which makes sense, considering that Iowa’s vast prairies contain nutrient rich soil that’s perfect for cultivating large farms.

60% of Iowa’s land may be covered in fields, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t developed a complex manufacturing industry as well. As far as scenery goes, the emptiness seen in this picture stretches for miles upon miles as you drive through the state.


For most residents who have never been to Kansas, nothing could be more apt than a picture with not one, but two tornados side by side. Immortalized in the opening scenes of The Wizard of Oz, Kansas to outsiders is basically summed up by corn and tornados.

This of course eclipses the beautiful pastural landscape that covers most of the Sunflower state, but Kansas can’t help it that it’s a prime area of tornado alley due to it’s incredibly flat topography.


The Bluegrass state probably brings two things to mind, hillbillies and KFC. Colonel Sanders, the face of his eponymous chicken chain, may not have been born within the state’s borders, but the majority of his life was spent bringing the best of Kentucky to the rest of the world.

The signs below are a clear phonetic transcription of the Kentucky drawl, but then again, farmers don’t always feel the need to while away their days reading books when there’s crops to tend to.


Natives of the Louisiana bayou might not blink an eye at this picture of a man grasping an alligator by the tail while his small children are right there, considering that Louisiana is home to more alligators than anywhere else in America, including Texas, Florida, and North Carolina.

City dwellers may have gotten the spook of their lives were they to stumble upon a gator in their yard, but this family knows they have little to fear from this baby gator.


On a visit to the northernmost state in New England, you will find the most beautiful winter wonderland aspects of Canadian areas in Maine, but with the perfect additional spirit of the red, white, and blue.

The fishing is certainly great, and the crab cakes near Arcadia have become famous for making people salivate. This guy here proves that all it takes is a 24 pack of beer and a plastic chair while fishing, and he is good for the day.


Maryland is dedicated to its football and, if you find yourself visiting, be careful what you say about their football teams. If you refrain from saying anything bad, you will be welcomed with open arms, and be sure to try their old-bay seasoned crab cakes.

Meanwhile, football is not your only concern, but also the roads and highways. The state is known to have some of the worst drivers, which is perhaps a result of the mix of fast-paced Northern culture, and slow-moving Southern culture.


Upon entering the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, be ready for some of the thickest accents you may ever come across. When speaking to a native, their words are barely recognizable and even the photo shows the phonetic spelling of the accent and slang, which is announcing a fierce storm is coming.

However, do not worry about coming across too many people because the snow and ice are so intense you won’t even want to go outside! An explanation why those attending Harvard are so studious, is that they have no choice.


In the Northern area of Michigan, hunting season has become a school holiday so that locals can get out and start shooting. The hunting culture is super strong and there is such a massive deer population, that not only do they always have an abundance of targets, but they manage to ruin their car every year.

There is a good reason for wanting to hunt and catch so much fur, however, and that is because the state is so cold.


While Minnesota is allegedly the Sunshine State, it is the Land of 10,000 Lakes, as well as the North Star State. Just as this photo proves, with the fresh powder, it is not full of sunshine, and to stay warm, residents eat hotdish – a casserole made of tater tots, ground beef, and canned soup.

If you see locals out in their cars with snow chained tired, they are most likely going to pick up their hotdish ingredients. Minnesotans are also obsessed with Prince, as he was a Minneapolis native.


Mississippi is also known as the Hospitality State, since locals would just love to invite you over for some pork ribs which they have smoked all day and are undeniably the most succulent ribs you’ll ever taste.

Their hospitality makes the folks in the state extremely nice, and they are also very happy due to their deep faith in Christianity. However, obesity is a massive issue in Mississippi and, with a rebellious nature, the locals choose to ignore their doctors’ orders to diet.


With the folks in Missouri driving monster trucks, there is a lot of roadkill in the state’s streets; even the school buses have the huge, car-crushing wheels. Meanwhile, the state is referred to as the Show-Me State, since the people are considered stubborn, loyal, conservative, and skeptical.

However, they also have a friendly side and will leave their big-wheeled cars in the middle of the road when they cross paths with a friend in another car and decide to have a chat.


Wolves, coyotes, moose, and bears are abundant in the state of Montana. With many living things roaming around mainly in the densely populated areas, it is no surprise to find a bear taking a bath with the Montanan, human friends.

Of course, this is very rare, especially since most folks who live in the Treasure State would rather hunt and eat animals than bathe with them. When not hunting, they are driving very fast since there is no speed limit, so they have no fear of tickets.


Nebraska is very proud of their corn growth and, while they may not be the number one producer, it is called the Cornhusker State. There is a wide range of corn products made available like chowder, fritters, and pudding.

Also, the rest areas are made of hay, their agricultural product, which is quaint but certainly gets the job done. People use the rest spot to drink the Nebraskan invention of Kool-Aid, which means that there is little privacy in these spots.


Nebraska is home to America’s playground, Las Vegas, and the Silver State is known for its liberal laws. While acts of debauchery are certainly legal, lobsters are definitely not.

This is a conscious decision made by the state as not to be like Maine, and this law means that crayfish sales are illegal on the borders on Nevada. With essential restrictions put in place, another restriction is access to Area 51, and nobody without top-secret access is allowed on the Air Force base.

New Hampshire

With a population that is predominately white – 93% to be exact – this state is the first to vote in the whole country when presidential elections roll around. In addition to being first when it comes to politics, they are also very passionate about lowering taxes, despite the state locals not having sales or income tax.

They live by the motto: “Live free or die,” and if citizens Sarah Silverman and Adam Sandler are anything to go by, it seems that people from New Hampshire follow this motto.

New Jersey

New Jersey may be known as the Garden State, but that is certainly no representation of how it comes across on the television. Far from apple picking fields or hiking trails, you are more likely to be blinded by the tanned, buff New Jersey guys, with too much hair product.

A prime example of this type of guy can be found in shows such as Jersey Shore, where stars of the show are filmed drinking, going to the gym and leading quite the party lifestyle.

New Mexico

Unsurprisingly, New Mexico has a huge proportion of citizens who identify as having a Hispanic background, and they continue a craze which began by Mexican-Americans in the late 1940’s.

Lowrider cars started to become popular in Los Angeles around this time when citizens were looking to customize their cars to show pride in their roots, and the craze continues in New Mexico. Those who live in the Land of Enchantment cannot fault it and love their state, despite any risk of UFOs.

New York

The concrete jungle may be where dreams are made, but the millions who try their luck there certainly do not care to keep it clean. Therefore it is no shocking view for people in the Empire State to see the pizza rat in the subway, although this also symbolizes the New York-style pizza slice.

It is said that the city’s tap water is the added ingredient which makes the pizza in New York so much better than anywhere else in the country.

North Carolina

The quality of North Carolina’s K-12 education was ranked number 34 out of 50 by the US News and World Report. Just as the picture proves, however, this bottom 25 ranking is not entirely shocking, and perhaps spell check should be considered before painting the street.

We even question if the person made it all the way through the “shcool” system themselves! It is common for people from North Carolina to skip school and choose to drink sweet tea and barbecue instead.

North Dakota

Sporta are a big thing in North Dakota, and alongside being huge fans of football, there is also a huge association which races lawn mowers. A sport perhaps only enjoyed in North Dakota, they also enjoy ice fishing and hockey.

The picture even shows that hockey is good, but hockey with guns seems to be an even better option. Citizens in North Dakota seem to be God-fearing since there are more churches per capita than any other state. After church, they eat Krumkaka and knoephla, unpronounceable Scandinavian food.


Anything deep-fried will be enjoyed by the folks of Oklahoma, and this includes calf fries, which are deep-fried bull testicles. That, alongside some beer, is the perfect meal, despite strict alcohol laws in the state.

You cannot get 5% beer anywhere, and liquor stores are closed on Sunday. Somehow the locals make do and manage to drink enough to have kegs laying around to then be turned into functioning bicycles. Quite the mode of transport to choose to take a trip to the liquor store!


Ohio keeps it simple because they just love the American things in life, and that includes beer, tailgating, and football. Just as the picture proves, nothing comes in between the spirit of people from Ohio, and they will make the Ohio symbol regardless of the time and place.

Not even a funeral apparently, and it can be rightfully assumed that the man in the casket was a hardcore Buckeye and wouldn’t have wanted his send off to be any other way.


When people think hipsters they immediately think Brooklyn, but the real hipster haven is situated in the Pacific Northwest, in Portland, Oregon. The city’s slogan “Keep Portland Weird,” says it all and the locals pretty much define it too.

This guy screams Portland with his beanie, an oversized scarf that could definitely pass as a blanket, and most importantly, he is on public transportation with a typewriter, so in case anyone didn’t know he was a hipster, they certainly do now.


Philadelphia and Pittsburgh might be huge cities, but if you venture out to Pennsylvania, you’ll find that the much of the land is sparsely populated and the inhabitants are mostly Amish.

The Amish are a denomination of Christianity that derive from the Pennsylvania Dutch immigrant group. They speak their own dialect of English which also includes German and they have a certain dress code which they can be recognized by. In addition, the Amish are incredibly traditional and tend not to embrace modern norms or technology.

Rhode Island

Good things come in small packages and that saying certainly goes for Rhode Island. It might be small, but Rhode Island is full of life and happiness and the locals seem to live a slow, relaxed life, spending their off days on the beach or cruising on their boats.

It is no surprise that the local delicacy is seafood and judging by this photo, the lobsters are out of this world. We’re not really sure why they are sword fighting, it must be something in the Rhode Island water.

South Carolina

Southern hospitality is truly alive and well in South Carolina. The inhabitants are conservative people with traditional values, spending their Sundays at church and ensuring they treat everyone with kindness and respect.

One thing that South Carolina locals truly believe in is the Second Amendment and that is evident through this picture of this mother carrying her shotgun proudly, relaxing in her pickup truck with a beer. If you put some football on, you’ve got a real Carolina girl there.

South Dakota

South Dakota is recognized as one of the most safe and trusting places in the United States under the watchful eyes of Mount Rushmore. There sees to be an unspoken agreement whereby everyone respects each other’s property, meaning that cars are often left unlocked and houses open to allow children to play freely without any safety concerns.

Moreover, people are asked to leave the prairie dogs in peace, however, one thing that doesn’t seem to be in this agreement is annoying the Bisons!


It might be in the south, but Tennessee is not actually the cowboy state that you think it is. Nashville’s music scene has attracted a big hipster community to move to the area, so it isn’t unusual to find a load of people hanging out in the city at night, drinking Jack Daniels and listening to country music.

Other than that, football is huge down south and the citizens of Tennessee have both a college football team and NFL team to follow.


Utah is known for a myriad of things, some of which include the best snow in America, the Sundance Film Festival, and five national parks! In case you’re wondering, the one below is called the Zion National Park, and it is definitely worth a visit.

If you’re a fast food fan, you’ll be impressed with this fun fact – the very first KFC in the world opened in South Salt Lake in 1952! You have Colonel Sanders to thank for that chicken recipe.


Vermont are known for their abundance of cows but judging by this photo, moose are prevalent too. They have some beautiful landscapes and great ski resorts but when most people think of Vermont, they think of Ben & Jerry’s as the ice cream company is headquartered in Vermont.

If you think about it, that makes complete sense considering how many cows graze in the area. In 2015, Vermont was ranked by Forbes magazine as the 42nd best state in which to do business.


The Civil War may have ended in 1865, but the Virginians seemed to hold on to the four years of intense fighting and still hold a grudge about it today.

For this reason, it might not be surprising to hear that many people participate in annual re-enactments of the battles (which are surprisingly accurate and thought-provoking.) Virginia is also full of historians as they can research the Civil War, all while being close to Washington D.C.


The forests in Washington State are said to be home to the elusive Bigfoot, but the validity of these claims have consistently been questioned.

Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that since Washington legalized the ability to smoke certain plants and from this, people came up with the concept and story of the Sasquatch. Although scientists deny the claims and say it is a combination of a hoax and misunderstanding of species, mountain biking became increasingly popular there to try and get a closer look.

West Virginia

West Virginia is also known as the Mountain State, so the fact that outdoors activities including rafting, hiking, hunting and camping are big, does not come as a surprise.

This shirtless man, leaning on a pickup truck and chewing a stick pretty much sums up the entire state and gives you a clear idea about the type of people you should expect to encounter. Other than that, It is one of the most densely karstic areas in the world, making it popular for recreational caving and scientific research.


In the winter months, Lake Michigan is a sight to see with thick ice freezing over the lake. However, in the summer, the lake becomes the main attraction and is where all of the activities take place.

From tanning on the shore and playing football with your friends, taking out a boat and going waterskiing or wake boarding, or even just going for a dip in the lake. Furthermore, you can’t mention Wisconsin without praising their delicious local cheeses that are perfect for a fondue night!


Many people assume that Texas is the land of cowboys, but it is really Wyoming. There you will find the real, chap-wearing, cowboy hat rocking hunters on their horses. The huge bison are regularly hunted over there and there are so many that they are often found walking down main roads.

This of course, means that you can often find yourself stuck in a bison traffic jam but at the same time, locals are happy about them as they make for delicious, succulent, hearty meals.

Georgia Part 2

Georgia might be known for their peaches, but there is one thing that trumps them, the Waffle House. The southern state is home to the all-American restaurant serving up your favorite meals that scream red, white and blue.

The pancakes are perfect and the waffles could not be fluffier as they are drenched in butter and syrup. It might not be the healthiest of meals but you will definitely leave feeling full and experience America running through your arteries.

New York Part 2

America isn’t exactly known for it’s healthy foods in small portions, so of course there are eating competitions. Major League Eating is a serious thing and New York is home to the biggest and most watch event, the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest.

What better way to celebrate the fourth of July than by watching people get on stage to stuff themselves with hundreds of hotdogs. The pure gluttony is watched by around one million people and is televised.

New Jersey Part 2

While people in New Jersey have had obsessions with their tans, gym-toned bodies, and larger than life hair for a long time, it wasn’t until MTV show Jersey Shore came along and exposed it all.

People couldn’t get enough watching these Guido’s and Guidette’s drink themselves to oblivion all while wearing the tiniest of outfits, allowing them to show of their orange-tinged skin. They definitely don’t represent the whole of Jersey, but there are a fair few of them.

Florida Part 2

The majority of states experience all four seasons but one place that doesn’t is Florida. It is called the Sunshine State for a reason, as it stays around the 80 degree mark all year round.

The warm temperatures are the reason why you constantly hear Floridians claiming it’s just too hot and they just want to stay inside, and is also the reason why they consider sweater weather anything below 70 degrees! In addition, the warm weather attracts huge gators to the state, so beware.

Alabama Part 2

Alabama is a state that takes their faith incredibly seriously and include Jesus in every aspect of their lives. Yes, it might be a little intimidating when they start threatening that the devil is coming for you, but they really mean it in the best possible way, and hey, if it helps you rediscover your faith then they’ve done their job.

Other than that Alabama is home to some amazing barbecue, so if you’re into your meat, it should be on your list to visit-just make sure you’re clued in on the Alabama-Auburn football rivalry.


Nothing says Alabama more than a chair turned boat by hooking it up to a car battery and setting it on blocks of wood. This chair also has a depiction of Big Al, the elephant mascot of the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Those from out of state may not understand the significance, but Alabamans know hometown pride when they see it. It’s about high time the rest of the nation learned what makes Alabama, Alabama. Nothing personifies this great state more than the contraption pictured here.


When most Americans think of Idaho, the first thing that comes to mind is potatoes. The last thing is also potatoes. Even the state board of tourism knows that there’s nothing to do in Idaho except farm, hence the thoroughly honest sign.

Locals know that the only place to go is Yellowstone National Park, though the part of the park worth visiting is in Wyoming. If you’re looking for a quiet country retreat with plenty of potatoes to go around, then Idaho might be the trip for you.


In a state with as low of a population density as Alaska, one would thing that traffic is few and far between. Of course, given the abundance of wild animals that live in the state, that’s entirely untrue, as evidenced by these two bears having a rendez-vous in the middle of the highway.

What the two bears could possibly fighting about, well, Alaskans only know. Locals are used to the disruptions by wildlife and have no problem just letting nature take its toll.


Nothing says California more than a fallen surfboard and a traffic jam. While the state may be a highly desirable place to live, especially considering its comfortable climate. These cars were probably crawling along at only 10 miles per hour, but that didn’t keep the car in front from stopping short and hurling its surfboard onto the car behind.

While the driver doesn’t exactly look happy, unsecured surfboards aren’t that much of a rarity in Southern California. What’s more surprising is that it wasn’t a famous person driving.


In a survey of every state’s population, Colorado often comes out as one of the most fit states, if not the fittest. Nestled onto the plateau from which stem the Rocky mountains, it’s easy to keep in shape when you have so many options available for physical recreation, from hiking, to skiing, to mountain climbing.

Colorado, perhaps more famously, was the first state to legalize another sort of recreation. This girl doing a well balanced handstand on the mountaintop is indeed peak Colorado.


When you live in the richest state in the country, it’s easy to try to use money to solve all of your problems. Despite boasting several cities that are rough around the edges, the local government that oversees this marina sees no issue with discouraging rock throwing by levying a hefty fine per rock.

Then again, after you’ve met Connecticut boat owners, you’d probably be inclined to throw rocks at them as well, and it would be well worth the price.


Everything is bigger in Texas and the Lone Star State certainly doesn’t disappoint. Meals are absolutely huge and ridiculously high in calories, but Texans are proud of it.

Walk down the street in your cowboy hat and boots and feel right at home, greeting your fellow Texans who may be driving past in a car, or casually riding their horse down the street. Be whoever you want to be in Texas (within reason and tradition) and show off that you are a true, proud, red-blooded American.