Could Hand Sanitizer Be Ruining Your Wedding or Engagement Ring?

Whether you’re newly engaged or whether you’ve been married for twenty years, there’s a high chance that your wedding or engagement rings are some of your most prized possessions. They are a reminder that you married your best friend, and they are a reminder that you made one of the most beautiful commitments that this world has to offer to the person that you love above all else. However, it seems as though hand sanitizer could be damaging these rings beyond repair.

Keeping Them Clean

In light of the ongoing pandemic, there’s a high chance that you are washing your hands with soap and using hand sanitizer more than you would normally. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that. Keeping your hands clean is extremely important – now more than ever – but it seems as though all of this cleaning could be having adverse effects on your jewelry.

Dulling Them Down

Yes, did you know that the cleaning agents found in sanitizer and hand wash can cause long-lasting damage to your wedding and engagement rings? To be more specific, they can cause the finish on white gold to wear down, and it can break down the brilliance of your diamonds, gems, and the metals often used within these rings. This can leave them looking dull, and this brightness won’t come back. As if that wasn’t enough, these cleaning agents can also loosen the metal prongs and fixtures that keep your diamonds and gems in place. This means that you could lose them without even realizing it.

What To Do

This doesn’t mean that you should stop washing your hands, though. All you have to do is be a bit more wary about what you’re putting near your rings. To be safe, it’s best to take off your rings every time you want to wash or sanitize them – just in case.

They’re prized possessions, so make sure you treat them well.