Frame Your Live Instagram Feeds for Eternity With Framebridge

Social media has become an important part of every wedding. Courtesy of social media, you can now get live updates from weddings of people you barely even know! Personalized hashtags, separate accounts, live feeds – these are just some ways a wedding is covered online. If you are a part of the happy couple, those digital feeds are highly valuable to you. And here’s a way to make all the clever and creative coverage last lifelong, not digitally, but physically!

Behind the Idea

Like wedding photographs, Instagram feeds and other digital uploads also capture the memorable moments of the special day. But unlike wedding photos, they get buried under millions of other uploads, and ultimately wait until you dig them out one significant day. Often, those feeds are comparatively more fun, creative, and playful than professional wedding photos, making them more relatable and closer to heart. Captured by friends and family, this digital record of your wedding is the one you probably want to keep forever. Now there is a service to help you do exactly that.

The Unique Service

Framebridge is an online custom framing service, which helps you preserve those fleeting moments you may otherwise forget with time and tide of digital data. This unique service frames your Instagram photos and personalizes them with names, dates, stickers, wedding hashtags, or anything and everything else your heart desires. There are also eight chic styles of frames to choose from. You just have to connect your Instagram account, select a photo from your feed, choose a frame, give the instructions, and then patiently wait for your personalized masterpiece to arrive, for as little as $39 and with free shipping. Just like that, your special day lives outside the confinement of your Instagram pages. This is also the perfect idea for an anniversary gift!