Why More And More People Are Organizing Minimoons Not Honeymoons

With the cost of weddings increasing year by year, it can be tough imagining paying for an outstanding honeymoon straight afterward. Most people like the idea of going away on a minimoon straight after being married. Minimoons are the thing to do right now – and this is why!

Why More And More People Are Organizing Minimoons Not Honeymoons

What Is A Minimoon?

A minimoon is essentially a honeymoon, only on a much smaller scale. Instead of disappearing to the Bahamas for a month, a minimoon tends to be closer to home. The benefit of this is that it takes less planning, less money, and less time. This is an excellent way of relieving some of the wedding pressures that might come directly afterward, and spending a memorable and care-free time with your new husband or wife.

They Are Less Stress

Staying closer to home doesn’t always mean going somewhere you’ve already been. It can mean exploring a fantastic part of the country that you have never been to before. It’s less stressful because you don’t have to worry about exchanging money, you know the language, and if something goes wrong then you know how the emergency services work. There is a whole load of reasons why they are less stress, these are just a few.

Why More And More People Are Organizing Minimoons Not Honeymoons

Far Less Expensive

This is probably the most significant factor. After shelling out thousands of dollars on the wedding, it can be hard to imagine spending out equal amounts on a vacation afterward. Choosing to do something fantastic closer to home costs so much less as well as takes a whole load of pressure off. You can go away for twice the amount of time on half the money in some cases.

It Allows People To Save For The Big One

Some people are perfectly happy with a minimoon, but for others, it’s simply the break directly after the wedding while they save money for the real deal. It takes off a whole load of pressure when it comes to having a great vacation, and you’re not having to think about whether your guests had a good time directly afterward. For some people, it’s a means to that mind-blowing vacation they have always dreamed of and gives them time to save up.

Minimoons are a great way to have an amazing time, forget your troubles, and spend less. Who wouldn’t want that?