Mom Causes An Argument After Wearing White Dress To Friend’s Wedding

It’s always exciting when you receive a wedding invitation through the mail. You can’t wait to celebrate a whole lotta love with your friends and family, and it’s always fun to have a good meal and dance the night away with those closest to you.

However, there are various rules and regulations that come with weddings, and those who attend have to make sure that they don’t upstage the bride or cause a stir. One woman did just that when she contemplated wearing a white dress to a friend’s wedding.

Mom Causes Row After Weaing White Dress To Friend’s Wedding

Talking On Mumsnet

If you’ve never heard of Mumsnet, then you should probably open up your laptop right now. This website is a place for mums and parents alike to ask questions, share their tips and tricks, and talk about life with kids. Many of these debates get pretty heated and get many people thinking about the whys and wheres of the world. This was the case when one mom posted a photograph of herself on the site.

Wearing White

Within this photograph, she showed off a brand new outfit that she had bought for a charity event. Because she was low on money, she hoped that she would be able to wear this outfit a second time, and to an upcoming wedding.

She would not be attending the actual ceremony, but would instead just be attending the evening reception for a few hours. However, she was a little conflicted. She had bought a white skirt and shirt combination, and would also wear black shoes and a black clutch. The mom wanted to know whether this would be appropriate and asked for advice.

Mom Causes Row After Weaing White Dress To Friend’s Wedding

Following Tradition

Traditionally, it’s bad luck to wear white to a wedding. This is because a bride is the only person on the day who is allowed to wear white, and it’s often considered scandalous for anyone else to wear this color. While this tradition is still going strong today, there are some people who question its authenticity.

The woman who posted this photo was confident that the bride wouldn’t mind her wearing the white ensemble, but she was concerned about what other guests would think. The Mumsnet users gave her their answers, and it was a resounding no.

While we don’t know if the woman decided to wear white or not, we can only assume that the responses on Mumsnet probably scared her off.